10 Ways To Increase Your Salary Without Changing Your Job

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Employees and employers are waging a constant battle over how much each person should be paid. Employees want to be paid as much as possible while employers want to keep payroll costs as low as possible.

Although it is tempting to leave your current employer to get a pay raise, here are 10 ways that you can get a raise without leaving your current employer.

1) Ask For A Raise

The easiest way to get a raise at work is to simply ask your boss for more money. While you may not get the raise, it never hurts to ask and see what your manager has to say about the issue.

2) Get A Promotion

Generally, a pay raise is included whenever you are promoted. Therefore, you should be aiming to become a manager simply for a pay raise as much as for the added authority.

3) Apply For Jobs Within The Company

Short of getting promoted, you could always change roles within the company. If you are sick of working in the produce department, you could always apply to work in the deli department where they pay more.

4) Work The Night Shift

There are employers out there that will pay more to workers who work the night or overnight shift. Since there may be few volunteers to work at night, your boss will probably be eager to transfer you.

5) Switch From Full-Time From Part-Time

Part-time or temporary workers are generally paid less than full-time permanent workers. Simply applying for a full-time job can increase your salary even if you don’t get a position in management.

6) Move To Another Part Of The Country

Ask if there is another branch where you can do the same job with more pay. However, keep in mind that you want to move to a part of the country where the pay is higher while the cost of living is lower.

7) Tease A Move To A New Job

If you are in high enough demand, you could threaten to leave the company in an effort to get a pay raise. Usually, your bosses will capitulate if you play your cards right.

8) Work For A Company With Annual Pay Raises

Your employer may raise your pay each year to keep up with inflation. If you work for an employer who does that, you only have to stay with the company to enjoy a raise in pay every 12 months.

9) Look For Other Forms Of Compensation

Employers can offer you more than just money as part of a compensation package. Ask your boss if you can have more paid time off, an increased employer match for your 401k or perhaps help paying off your mortgage.

10) Work On Sunday

Many employers will pay time and a half to workers who work on Sunday. This is an easy way to increase your salary without having to work any additional hours. Workers may even be able to work after church, before football or at any other time when it would be convenient on that day.

There are many effective ways to raise your salary without having to find a new place to work. Most of these options are available for most workers without expending a lot of time or energy. If you want more money, it is not as hard as you may think to get more money from your company.

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