£113 Euro Millions Lottery Win Finally Claimed

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A mystery winner can finally celebrate the UK’s largest jackpot of £113 million euros. They become richer than Phil Collins, Rod Stewart and David Bowie overnight and instantly become the 589th richest person in the UK!

Not bad work from picking some winning lottery numbers! Lottery firm Camelot said the cash was paid out yesterday afternoon after the winning ticket was validated.

Camelot also revealed that more than 1,000 people had come forward to claim they had matched the numbers in the draw which took place 13 days ago. A Camelot spokesman said: “The winning ticket holder is deciding whether or not to go public and share their news.

“If the ticket holder decides to remain anonymous then no further details, including the location where the winning ticket was purchased, will be revealed.”

Before the announcement was made, Camelot said: “We’ve had more than 1,000 claims relating to lost tickets.

“This includes people writing in thinking they’ve won but lost the ticket, and others who want reassurance because they bought their ticket where the winning ticket was sold and although they didn’t think they had the numbers they wanted to make sure.”

Camelot is staying tight-lipped about the shop where the ticket was bought but it had been rumoured for days that the lucky store was a Spar in Coventry, West Midlands.

The £113,019,926 prize means the ticket holder has immediately become the 589th richest person in the UK. He or she is now wealthier than:

Phil Collins £108million
Rod Stewart £105million
David Bowie £100million

The winner – who could now splash out on two £56 million Boeing 767s – sits at the top of the UK’s lottery rich list after smashing the record jackpot of £84million that was scooped on the Euro Millions in May.

Nigel Page and Justine Laycock, from Bilbury, Glos, are the biggest winners to have gone public following their £56 million windfall in February.