Who said money can't buy you love?

Spot the rich guy! Funny pictures of rich men and the beautiful girls that cling on to them for their bank balance. This first picture looks like this girl is his going to be his next meal!

Wow, we are speechless with this next picture. He must be a very very rich man!

Another girl that's either going to be eaten for his next meal or she has already poisoned him judging by his face and she's just waiting for the inevitable.

Is this his daughter...nope! It's another very wealthy man.

It really is not hard to spot a rich man..here is Beth Ostrosky and Howard Stern

Kids...it pays to be good at sport. Just ask Peter Crouch who managed to bag Abbey Clancy. He even admitted himself that if he wasn't a footballer he would be single.

Finally Catherina Zeta Jones finds Michael Douglas money too irresistible!


  1. PRETTYGIRLROCK1 March 2011 at 11:31

    LOL. girls who only fall for money are useless in those rich men's lives / :P :|

  2. i do agree, nowadys, most of women love money, not only love..

    so if u wanna get a beautiful women give them Love and Money

  3. Well when you think about it there's absolutely nothing wrong with that. A woman has to think about provisions for herself and their kids.


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