How to organise a birthday party on a budget

A child’s birthday can be an expensive occasion; with so many incredible toys and games on offer – and advertised extensively on television – the price total at the bottom of your little one’s wish list can often be eye-watering. With present buying often making a significant dent in your savings it’s important to try and be cost-effective in other areas, and what better way to start than by organising a birthday party that’s high on entertainment but low on cost?

Invitations are one of the first things to think about when planning for a child’s birthday party so that you can give potential guests plenty of notice. Pre-printed invitations are widely available but these represent a needless cost if you’re looking to tighten the purse strings; home-made invitations add a lovely individual touch to proceedings while saving you money at the same time. You can go with hand-made invitations if time and inspiration permits, but invitations put together on the computer and printed off can also look fantastic.

There’s no need to dig deep for expensive children’s entertainers, either; clowns and magicians can often be hit and miss, so avoid a costly mistake and stick to the tried and trusted methods of yesteryear – party games! Activities such as pass the parcel, musical chairs and pin the tail on the donkey will never go out of fashion – these simple but incredibly enjoyable games will provide plenty of amusement and cost next to nothing to organise.

If you do want to do something a bit different to traditional party games, think about buying a piñata for your party. These brightly coloured decorations, which originated in Mexico but are becoming more and more popular in the UK, contain small toys and sweets which are released as the birthday boy or girl strikes the piñata with a plastic bat. These fun decorations offer a low-cost alternative to pricey entertainment with the added benefit of rewarding all guests with some tasty treats!

Party food doesn’t need to be expensive, either. Old staples like sandwiches, crisps, cocktail sausages and jelly and ice cream are as popular today as they were when we were kids so there’s no need to go overboard on fancy food. Similarly, why buy an expensive shop-made birthday cake when there are hundreds of free recipes around that will allow you to create your own special cake for your loved one’s big day.

Just because you’re spending less on birthday party accessories won’t mean that it’s any less of a special say for your child. As long as you put in some effort and plan well beforehand, it’s entirely possible to put on a fantastic day without emptying your savings account.