Business Loan Rejected? Here’s How You Can Still Fund Your Dreams

The landscape of business has changed dramatically in recent years. The modern entrepreneur has far greater opportunities to turn ideas into full-fledged companies. However, just like any previous generation, money is a crucial factor in getting those dreams off the ground.

While the opportunities are better than ever, the chances of getting a business loan aren’t as great as they once were. If the banks have rejected your application, it can feel like a bit of a catch 22 situation.

It isn’t game over just yet. There are plenty of alternative methods to gain the money needed to fund your dreams. Here are four of the best.

Find An Investor

The banks were not willing to part with their cash, but it doesn’t mean there won’t be other people that believe in your ideas.

Using the help of investor might mean sacrificing part of the business. However, as well as their money, you’ll be gaining their experience. After all, their money is at stake. Combined with your innovations, that expertise could be the perfect ingredient to make this dream succeed.

If you are taking this route, you must be sure to prepare a winning business plan. You might also want a legal advisor to look over any proposed contracts too. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

Take A Personal Loan

You might have been rejected a business loan, but it doesn’t mean you won’t be able to borrow money at all. A personal loan could be the perfect solution.

Personal loans are often easier to obtain than a business one. With Credit24, you could get an instant decision regarding your application. If successful, you could receive a significant cash injection within a matter of minutes.

It really could be as simple as that.


There’s nothing quite like the power of the people. Nowadays, crowdfunding websites allow business owners to utilise public interest to fund their dreams. And you could be the next entrepreneur to benefit.

Creating a successful project isn’t easy, but the rewards of mastering this platform are huge. The crowdfunding initiative also gives you a fantastic opportunity to gauge interest in your business. If you do succeed, you will have already built an audience of potential customers too.

If you are a creative entrepreneur that knows how to engage an audience, this could be the perfect fundraiser.

Sell Stuff

Over the years, we all amass a lot of items that we no longer need. However, there might be somebody out there who does want them.

You might not think that selling your old mobile phone and other unwanted products will earn much money. But they could genuinely raise enough funds to get your business off the ground. Moreover, you’ll be decluttering your home in the process. Killing two birds with one stone sounds pretty good to us.

If you are desperate, you could always resort to downsizing home. If the business takes off in the way you’re predicting, you’ll soon be upgrading to a bigger property anyway.