Simple Ways To Save To Get You Through Your Retirement Years

We have often spoken saving money for your retirement on this blog. But what about when you actually get there? In the vast majority of cases, no matter how much you prepare for retirement, your income will take a hit. So, it makes sense to look at ways of cutting back your spending. However, that doesn’t mean going without - here are some great ways to save to see you through retirement.

Find out where you get discounts

First of all, as a senior, you will be eligible for plenty of discounts. It could be events, sports matches, or even just retail discounts. Find out where you get yours and you can expect to save up to a quarter off the ticket price. You may have to sign up for a card in some cases, but for ten minutes out of your day, it’s got to be worth it. Head over to The Senior List for an excellent list of current discounts that are available.

Use reward programs

If you shop anywhere regularly, make sure you sign up to a reward scheme if you can. The retailer will track your purchases, and you will start to get offers coming through, relevant to your past purchases. It’s often worth signing up for a loyalty card, even if you don’t shop there often. It can get you ten or twenty percent off a big purchase, and you won’t have to use it again.

Get into coupons

Making the most out of coupons does take some time, but now you are retired, why not investigate it? You can pick them up at your local stores, in newspapers, and online. In fact, there are even coupon apps that run in your browser these days. One thing to remember about coupons is that although they are great for consumers, they are also great for retailers. They find they generate a lot of new customers, and extra money, so try and not get hoodwinked into buying something you wouldn’t normally.

Check your taxes

Some states will lower your property taxes as soon as you hit retirement age. Have a chat with your accountant or get in touch with your state’s tax office to find out if you are eligible. It’s worth doing, but you will need to take action to make it happen.

Take cheaper holidays

Why not see a little more of the world to enjoy your retirement years? And, there are plenty of ways to do it if you want to save some money. Try using a home swap service such as Senior Home Exchange. You can arrange to exchange your property for a trip abroad while the other party enjoys your home. Put simply, all you have to do is pay for your flight and bring whatever money you want to spend. It’s a great way to see the world, as long as you don’t mind other people in your home, of course!

There you go - we hope you can get something out of these tips. As ever, we are always interested in hearing about any tips that you might have, so don’t be shy - and share away.