Learn All About Credit Repair Companies

Why would a consumer need a credit repair company? Well, just look around at the financial landscape. People are in worse shape, credit-wise, than ever. Families are upside down in their mortgages, parents are leveraged to the hilt to buy the newest car and college kids are using credit cards and racking up unshakable student debt like no other time in history.

Those with poor credit scores are certainly not in short supply. They dot the hillsides and fill the landscape with destitution and sadness. But hope can be had. Credit repair companies are out there. Vigilant, upstanding corporations that are dedicated to defending consumer rights at all costs. Learn more about these services here.

Some of the best credit repair companies are Lexington Law, CreditRepair.com and Sky Blue. 

They all offer credit repair services that allow consumers with low scores to pay a fee to clean up their credit history. That means lawyers and paralegals will challenge and dispute negative items on client credit reports. They will follow up with credit bureaus and make sure those items are removed.

Negative items can include delinquent debts, missed payments or civil judgments, amongst other things. All classes of black marks have different levels of negative effects on your credit score and can all stay on your record for varying degrees of time. Credit repair specialists with years in the business have expertise in understanding all the ins and outs of these laws.

All the companies mentioned above have different things going for them. Sky Blue has an accelerated dispute process, which means that they are aggressive about disputing many negative items spread out over all 3 credit bureaus. Lexington Law is an actual law firm so it has a stockpile of excellent credit law experience and a knowledge of the legal ramifications of credit problems that other companies may not have. 

CreditRepair.com specialises in offering credit repair services and subsequent Trans Union credit monitoring, to give you peace of mind that your credit will not fall into disrepair again.

All credit repair companies have strengths and weaknesses. Most offer their services for an initial fee and then charge a monthly fee to follow up and execute negative item reduction. Many times, you do not have to keep to a contract, so that clients can cancel the services at any time.

When your credit score falls, look to these companies to raise it up again and give you and your family a new financial life.