3 things your own home can teach you about effective office design

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People tend to think of office and home design as two completely distinct things, but in fact the way we decorate and furnish our properties can give us useful insights into how we should be setting up our workspaces. Here, we take a look at three things your own home can teach you about effective office design.

1. Style matters

When people are redecorating or refurnishing their homes, they often spend hours studying colour charts and thinking about how to achieve the perfect look. But when it comes to kitting out their work areas, they can be remarkably remiss about appearance. Don’t fall into this trap. Just like you would when revamping your property, take some time to achieve style perfection. This applies to everything from your desks and seating to your storage.

There’s no shortage of innovative and attractive office accessories to choose from. From angular mesh seats to curved reception desks, there are plenty of products available.

Plan your décor carefully too. A suitable colour scheme can make offices much more pleasant places to spend time in, and the addition of some well-chosen wall art can further elevate the appearance of these spaces.

2. Comfort is king


Whether you’re relaxing in front of the TV, reading a book or settling down for a night’s sleep, you expect to be comfortable at home. So, why should things be any different when you’re doing a day’s work? Comfy furnishings shouldn’t be the preserve of your property; they can play an important role in making your office more appealing too.

You and your colleagues could spend long hours at your desks, so substandard seating and workstations are a big no no. They could leave you with a bad back and sore neck, and mean you struggle to concentrate on your tasks. When you’re selecting furnishings for your office, make sure you consider comfort as well as functionality.

3. It’s got to suit your specific needs and preferences

The chances are, your home’s set up to reflect your specific practical needs and style preferences. The same should be true of your work area. The fact is, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution to office design and so rather than simply following what other companies do in terms of layout and furnishings, you should make sure your workspace is tailored to your firm’s particular requirements.

A top tip when you’re planning this area is to get your workers involved by asking them what features they like and dislike. This can help you come to a design that everyone’s happy with.

By taking these pointers on board, you should find it easier to create a practical and visually pleasing office.


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