Unless you’re a Saudi Prince or a Texan oil tycoon, there’s a good chance there will come a time in your life where you need help with money, whether it’s making money or ways to save money.
Sometimes it’s easy to borrow money from a friend or take out a loan from a PaydayLoan Company, but these are not the best options in the long term.  If you have a laptop then there are plenty of opportunities to budget with what
you have or raise some funds. 
Here’s a few tips for the average joe to try out
and hopefully save a bit of money.
1. Make a list, check it
Budget each month and stick to it. There is nothing worse than
getting to three weeks before the end of the month and realising you’ve blown
all your money within a week, so plan ahead. 
Make a note of all your bills, how
much you need to live off each and what’s leftover (if any). That way, by
sticking to your budget there won’t be any nasty surprises later on.
2. Go Cheap
Buying store brand food and other products may seem like a
cardinal sin, but honestly; it’s not that bad. Most folk don’t realise that store
brand food is usually made the same place as the real McCoy. 
As for other
products, do you really care the name of the stuff you’re cleaning your toilet
with? Why pay three times as much for the name of a brand when the cheaper
brand does the same job?
3. Freelance
There are plenty of ways of making money quickly, one of the
easiest ways is by doing freelance work. There are several sites you can go on such as Upwork,
or apps you can download. Sign yourself up for some quick work you can do from
home. This can be anything from reviewing products to proofreading someone’s
screenplay, designing a logo to creating the story to a video game. 
There are
tonnes of people looking for someone to do a quick job for them and there is no
limit to the amount you can do. The only thing to bear in mind is you will
probably not be the only person applying for the job, so keep trying till you
get a bite!
4. Stock up
By buying certain items in bulk when you can afford to will
save you in the long run. Stuff like cleaning products, toiletries, food that’s
not perishable, can be bought online or from wholesale stores for a fraction of
what it would cost buying a standard amount every week or month. This means
more money next time around when you don’t need to fork out for the same stuff cause
you’ll still have it.
This can also be applied to frozen food like pre-cut
vegetables, often looked down upon they are actually arguably better than
buying from the fresh aisle in the supermarket. People often does realise that
the frozen stuff is picked and prepared and frozen within an hour or so, and
yet those tomatoes have been sat in a tray all day under the shop lights.
Having a bag of frozen vegetables means they stay fresh and ready to go, and
can be used for several meals, saving more money again.


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