5 Best Credit Cards For The Wealthy

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The average credit card outsources their customer service overseas, makes you wait on hold to speak to a representative, and usually doesn’t offer very big credit limits. If you are wealthy, all of these things are totally unacceptable. Fortunately, there are a few credit cards that cater specifically to the rich. According to CreditCardForum, here are the five best credit cards for the wealthy:

#1 – American Express Centurion Card
This exclusive black credit card is only given to AmEx’s biggest spenders. Just to be eligible, you need to be spending at least $250,000 annually on an existing American Express card. In addition, this card is “invite only” so even if you are spending that amount, it doesn’t automatically qualify you.

Last but not least, you must be able to pay the $5,000 initiation fee and the $2,500 annual fee.

Benefits includes personal concierge service, a wide array of travel benefits, and exclusive shopping opportunities at high-end retailers.

#2 – American Express Platinum
The Platinum Card is AmEx’s second highest credit card. Although its annual fee is “only” $450, it does offer quite a few of the same benefits as the Centurion card, including the concierge service as well as a private jet charter service.

Many Platinum cardholders are actually eligible for the Centurion upgrade, but they choose not to simply because they don’t need the added benefits (which mostly relate to travel).

#3 – Merrill Accolades
This is the best credit card for Merrill Lynch accountholders and it is specifically geared towards their high net worth clients. The amount of the fee is not published on the Merrill website (probably because they often waive it for their wealthier customers) but it is said to be around $300.

 The benefits are very similar to the AmEx Platinum and includes things like concierge and complimentary airport lounge access.

#4 – Citi Chairman
This credit card is for high net worth Citibank customers. It carries a $500 annual fee, which is higher than #2 and #3, however its benefits actually aren’t quite as good. It does offer the airport lounge access and concierge though and the unique black design screams status for sure.

#5 – Chase Sapphire
The Chase Sapphire card is issued by Chase and while is marketed to the upper class and upper-middle class. It includes personal concierge and one very unique benefit is that cardholders are instantly connected to an American representative when they call in, without waiting and without pressing any numbers.

The preferred version of the Chase Sapphire carries a $85 annual fee and the credit requirements are said to be quite strict.

So the above are the 5 best credit cards for the wealthy. For the not so wealthy or those struggling for money with bad credit you can always try credit repair.