5 Biggest Adsense Earners

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Blogging can make a nice little earner but for some it can make them very rich men or women. Here we look at the top 5 Google AdSense earners in the world. Google AdSense has been around for years and there are many people out there making moneybagsfull from Google AdSense every month.

Markus Frind owner of PlentyOfFish.com

The owner of Plentyoffish.com earns roughly $300,000 per month. The site is an online dating website which gets a lot of visitors and users. The site is now one of the largest online dating sites on the Internet. Believe it or not, Markus Frind started the site in his own apartment all by himself. He is now earning $300,000 per month from this site.

Kevin Rose owner of Digg.com
According to online sources, Kevin Rose is earning around $250,000 per month from Digg.com. I was using Digg.com to promote my blogs long time ago and the site is truly amazing in terms of getting traffic to my blogs. So, it is undeniably a good site to share our online contents. Maybe this is the reason a lot of people are using the site and Kevin Rose is making so much income from AdSense Ads on Digg.com

Jeremy Schoemaker

ShoeMoney is a well known site sharing about ways to make money online and internet marketing. The site is equipped with great amount of information and the site gets ton of traffic every month. One of the best months of ShoeMoney is producing around $130,000 per month. Here is a picture of him with one of these Adsense cheques:

Jason Calacanis owner of Weblogs, Inc.

This is another great idea to make money from AdSense. Weblogs is a network of blogs that is making roughly $110,000 per month. Weblogs is a great idea because it is creating a network of blogs and it is using other people’s time and effort to earn more money from AdSense.

David Miles Jr. and Kato Leonard owner of FreeWebLayouts.net

FreeWebLayouts.net is a very simple site offering free MySpace layouts, graphics and designs. I have checked the site; it is simple and easy to use. The AdSense Ads on the site is placed at a good location. $100,000 per month is quite easy to achieve if the traffic to the site is good.