5 Christmas Gift Ideas for Family and Friends Living Abroad

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If you’ve family and friends living abroad, you may be wondering what type of Christmas gifts are most appropriate for them. Giving presents to others should be an enjoyable experience, and everyone likes to receive presents from those living in other countries. When considering gifts to send to loved ones living abroad, you should try to come up with things that aren’t readily available in the countries where the recipients are currently living, unless you are sending money abroad which is always well received!

Following are five gift ideas that are meant to provide inspiration for selecting quality presents for friends and family who are living far away from the glow of your holiday hearth.

1. An English Gift Hamper

If your loved one is abroad pursuing a course of study or working in a foreign country, he or she may be understandably longing for objects from home. This is especially true of those whose personal resources are limited. Gift hampers are a particularly fun gift option for the giver because you get to select many small gifts to suit the recipient rather than one large one. If you know that the recipient loves lavender soap and fine teas, for instance, you can include them among the treasures that you place in the hamper.

2. Giving the Gift of an English Garden

It’s probable that your loved one who is languishing on foreign soil dearly misses the sight, scent and sounds of a classic English country garden. Although you can’t dig up a patch of earth that’s thriving with vegetation and put it in the post, you can send gardening tools, gardening apparel and hollyhock, phlox and sweet William seeds.

3. Find the Perfect Christmas Gift or Bust

If one of your gift recipients has a penchant for English classical literature, consider bestowing a bust of Jane Austen or other favourite literary figure upon him or her. These items will be cherished for life and will enhance the ambiance of any room.

4. Send Them on a Walk Down an English Country Lane

Many people who leave England to live abroad miss the country life the most. You can help alleviate their longing for country accessories by sending them an authentic walking stick for Christmas. If they are living in a rainy climate, you can select a stick that doubles as an umbrella. They can take along their walking sticks when they are out taking exercise and pretend that they are walking through the fair fields of home.

5. Everybody Loves to Receive Holiday Money

If you simply cannot come up with something appropriate for a well-loved ex-patriot, simply send him or her some money and be done with the bother of trying to select a present.