5 Highest Earners in Football

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Forbes recently launched its listing of the top 100 highest paid athletes and for the very first time since 2001, Tiger Woods isn’t listed. You’ll find only 10 football or ‘soccer’ for you guys over the pond within the Forbes world’s 100 highest-paid athletes list and they are as follows:

8th. David Beckham
Paris St Germain
$46 million per year

9th. Cristiano Ronaldo
Real Madrid
$42.5 million per year

You can see how much Ronaldo earns by the minute on this website:

11th. Lionel Messi
FC Barcelona
$39 million per year

37th. Wayne Rooney
Manchester United
$24.3 million per year

59th. Kaka
Real Madrid
$20.8 million per year