5 of the Most Expensive Engagement Rings in the World

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On average, someone will spend around six months salary on their engagement ring. So apart from your house and maybe the car you love, it’s probably the most you’re going to spend on a single purchase. So let’s break this down a little. If you earn around, let’s say fifty thousand per year, you’re going to buy a ring that costs twenty-five thousand.

That’s a heck of a lot of cash isn’t it, for one finger? But, it’s nothing compared to how much the most expensive wedding rings in the world cost. Here are a few and, of course, most of them are worn and owned by celebs.

The Blue Sapphire

When Kate Middleton bagged herself a prince, we are sure she knew that the engagement ring she was going to receive would be a biggie. However, we’re not sure that even she realised she’d be getting the blue sapphire that once belonged to Princess Diana. 
That was a huge sign that unlike most celeb engagements, this one was going to stick. In fact, we imagine that to her it’s not about the price of the jewel it’s the sentiment attached to it, and there is no better way for it to be. Who says romance is dead? The ring is valued now at over three-hundred thousand which doesn’t even make a dent on the next four rings price tags.

The Ring Of A Sham Marriage

When Tom Cruise proposed to Katie Holmes, there were a lot of fun media stories. From Tom jumping on a couch to the idea that it was all a farce the news loved every second of the engagement of the year. But, at least for MR Cruise it seemed that his commitment was real. After all he spent nearly a million dollars on the engagement ring? Is it any wonder she said yes? Too bad it didn’t last, but we are sure Cruise will announce his next engagement any day now.

The Ring Of A True Couple

We’re cautiously optimistic for the celeb couple attached to a stunning £1.6 million pound ring. Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively just seem like the perfect pair. We don’t know what it is about them, but they seem to be able to keep their personal lives out of the tabloids. 
A feat that is not accomplished by many celebs which are still famous. But we’re not sure it has anything to do with the ring. After all, if you have a look at some Tacorri engagement rings, you will see you can get a stunning jewel for a fraction of that price.

The Ring Of The Role Model

Climbing the ladder in price now before we hit the jackpot. Beyonce embraces female empowerment and has an engagement ring that costs an incredible £3.2 million. There’s irony in there somewhere, but it doesn’t matter. We’re just happy Jay-Z did “put a ring on it.”

The Ring For A Woman Famous For Being Famous
So, who owns the most expensive engagement ring in the world? That would be Kim Kardashian, who carries around a whopping £5.2 million on her finger. Now, there’s a scary amount of money to be carrying around with you. Kanye West must be out of his mind, and there is certainly evidence to support this. After all, he did announce he’d be running for the presidency in 2020!