5 Technology Companies Investing In Green Solutions

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Today’s consumers are concerned about the environment and how their products will affect future generations. This has forced the technology industry to rethink the way they design products and how everyday products interact with the environment.

The Sony corporation
Sony has invested money in the research and development of a mercury free electric cell battery. The Eco-friendly battery uses enzymes to produce electricity from sugar. Research for the battery was presented at the American chemical society national meeting and exposition in Boston.

The environmentally friendly battery utilizes sugar to fuel the cell and its casing is made from a biodegradable vegetable based plastic instead of toxic non-biodegradable materials.

Currently the battery can produce an output of 50 milliwatts which is enough energy to power a Walk-man .

Hewlett Packard
HP is investing more resources into the research and production of products to lessen their company’s environmental footprint. They are challenging other companies to invest more of their own resources into green computing efforts.

One of HP’s projects, the Eco Highlights label, is designed for customers interested in environmentally friendly products. The line of printers are made from 83% recycled plastic materials and the cartridges are made from recycled plastic resins such as water bottles.

Apple Computers
Apple is investing in the research, design and manufacturing of smaller thinner lighter products. They want to lead the pack in reducing the amount of harmful substances such as arsenic, mercury, polyvinyl chloride used in computer products.

They are also encouraging their manufacturing partners to eliminate harmful substances from their products. Like most consumers, Apples wants to purchase products free of brominated flame retardants, chlorine, mercury and glass containing arsenic.

Apple is also funding the Apple Recycling Program designed to help customers recycle outdated products. They have recycling centres in 95% of the countries were Apple products are sold.

Microsoft Corporation
Microsoft is investing money outside of the computer industry by supporting the research and development of the Opposed Piston Opposed Cylinder engine(OPOC) engine. They have partnered with developer Eco Motors, a Detroit based company, to create an engine that runs on unleaded gas and diesel fuel.

The engine is said to be 50 percent more efficiency than the combustion engine. It has greater power density, weighs less, and produces fewer carbon emissions than a current engine.

The OPOC engine can be used for cars, commercial vehicles, and power generators. Bill Gates says it has potential for future use in developing countries.

Dell Computers
Dell has invested in a program to help recycle used computers and electronic items. In a partnership with Goodwill Industries they have created an electronics recycling program called Reconnect, Consumers can drop off a wide range of electronic equipment for free at a participating Goodwill location.

Reconnect evaluates the donated items for their usefulness then sorts them into either refurbished or broken down and recycled categories. The program has helped to reduce waste by diverting 96 million pounds of electronics from landfills.

Even though most companies are not 100% Eco-friendly more are a developing a genuine interest in the environment. Consumer pressure has caused companies to rethink investing money in research and implementing green products. Some consumers say this support for green solutions is a public relations. Either way, we will benefit by having less waste and pollution to leave future generations.