Alpaca Breeder is star of Channel 4 documentary

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Honda has created a cool series of films to explore and celebrate real-life people who use their Honda cars, ATVs, lawn mowers, generators, marine engines and motorbikes in unusual and extraordinary ways. The first Honda film, starring farmer Philippa Wills and her alpacas, premieres tonight, supporting a Cutting Edge documentary on plastic surgery on Channel 4 at 10pm. An alpaca breeder from Oxfordshire and her herd of 100 friendly alpacas are the stars of a series of short films to be broadcast as part of Honda’s sponsorship of Channel 4 documentaries. Throughout 2011, Honda will be releasing a series of mini-documentaries, an online hub, and sponsorship idents for Channel 4. A new round of short films, created by W+K London, starts on 2nd June during Cutting Edge documentary, 'Bums, Boobs and Botox' on Channel 4. Philippa relies on her Honda ATV to zip around her 36 acres of land to tend to her alpacas, feeding, herding them together and clipping their toe nails. Viewers will be introduced to Philippa and her lovable woolly animals in the bumpers which will sit between the documentary and the advert breaks, while a full 90 second version of the film will be available to view on a new website: http://www.honda.co.uk/stories

In addition to the full length film, visitors to the website will be able to find out more about the stars, including Clarissa (who was born in a thunderstorm and is ‘crazy about chopped carrots’) and Kendall, who is (‘mad about the girls and thinks he’s the big boss’). There will also be the opportunity to ask Philippa questions about her herd, plus the chance to name the next baby alpaca. “I decided to take part in the Honda documentary because it sounded like fun,” commented Philippa Wills. “I use my Honda ATV every single day – it’s a true workhorse and an essential part of my business. Above all, it’s utterly reliable – which is crucial when you’ve got 100 hungry alpacas demanding food. It’s extremely agile which is especially handy when you’re trying to herd them all together. It is also a comfortable ride which ensures that I spend many happy hours working with the assistance of my Honda ATV.”

Viewers who keep their eyes peeled throughout the year will meet more Honda customers telling their own extraordinary stories through more Honda films. This new campaign continues Honda’s successful sponsorship of Channel 4 documentaries which started in February 2010 celebrating the company’s UK manufacturing site in Swindon, Wiltshire. Check out the video here:

Cool Alpaca Facts:

  • Alpacas are like small llamas or long necked camels with no humps
  • They originate from South America 
  • Alpacas have a life expectancy of approximately 20 years 
  • The gestation period is 11 months 
  • They are gentle, friendly creatures and make excellent pets 
  • Alpaca fleece produces fibre which is silk soft, supple, smooth to the touch and hypoallergenic. It’s also extremely durable 
  • Clothes, rugs, scarves and hats can all be produced with luxurious alpaca fleece

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