Apps to help you get rich

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Showcasing the best investment apps to help you make money. If you are an investor and have an iPhone, iTouch or iPad then make sure you have these following investment apps on your gadget. Stock trading has gone truly mobile and it’s even easier to make some serious money bags full nowadays. At the touch of a few buttons you can research stocks, keep tabs on your portfolio, and execute trades from pretty much anywhere. That’s thanks in large part to the popularity of mobile devices like the iPhone and iPad in the business world. Here are the apps we think are best for investors….

Apple’s Stocks App
Since this Stocks app comes on every single iPhone and iPod Touch that leaves the factory, it makes a whole lot of sense to use this program to keep track of your portfolio and find news and share data on stocks.

The single best addition to Stocks is the interactive chart feature that you can access by holding your phone or iPod horizontally.

iSwim and E*Trade Mobile Pro

iSwim and E*Trade Mobile Pro are two new apps that are available free of charge from Thinkorswim and E*Trade, two of the more popular brokers out there. If you’re a client, you can execute trades in real-time from anywhere where you have cellular or Wi-Fi service, something that sets these two apps apart from the slew of apps that just provide quotes. If you’re not a Thinkorswim or E*Trade client, you can still download these apps and use them to check out quotes on stocks and options.


If you’re on the lookout for economic and investing news, Bloomberg’s self-named application is your best bet.

That’s because addition to the standard stock quotes that all the rest of our top apps can provide, Bloomberg offers a feed of its award winning financial news service.

While the app isn’t quite as versatile as the company’s Bloomberg Anywhere app for Blackberry users who have a $1,700 monthly subscription to their professional service, the free iPhone app is definitely still worth checking out.

iTrade Stock Market Simulator
If you’re looking for a way to trade without putting your money on the line, the iTrade Stock Market Simulator might be a good solution for you. The app gives you a $100,000 virtual stock portfolio that you can use to hone your investing skills.

iTrade also features real-time stock quotes and investment research to make the trading simulation as realistic as possible.

Morningstar’s investment application is one of the newest additions to the stable. The app features investing ideas provided by the analysts at Morningstar.com. It’s also the app that’s most adept at providing data on mutual funds.

Forbes Intelligent Investing
One of the more interesting investing apps on the iTunes App Store is Forbes’ Intelligent Investing. The entertaining program contains a repository of Forbes articles, including market forecasts and commentary, and – more importantly – one-on-one investment videos with the pros. 

Black Gold
If commodities are your cup of tea, Black Gold should be on your iPhone or iPod Touch. The app features mobile price-watching and charts for crude oil, gold, natural gas, and heating oil.

FX360 is a mobile window into the world of currency trading. This free app offers real-time forex quotes and commentary from the minds at Global Futures and Forex. If you’re new to trading currencies, the analysis you’ll find at FX360 should give you enough guidance to get your feet wet in the FX game.

TheStreet.com Mobile
If you’re a Jim Cramer fan, you shouldn’t miss TheStreet.com Mobile. This app lets you download your favorite news, commentary, and analysis from TheStreet.com, and read it on the go – even when you’re not within range of cellular service. TheStreet.com Mobile’s Cramer section offers articles from the “Mad Money” guru as well as access to continuously updated market data.

Are you a TD Ameritrade customer? If so, iStockManager lets you perform real money trades with your TD Ameritrade account. While this piece of software isn’t from the broker itself, it does offer a number of attractive features like streaming level II quotes, option chains, and account information. The iStockManager software is also available for Blackberry.

Stock Charts
An interactive charting app that’s designed for mobile technical analysis. While this app isn’t free like the top ten, its feature set makes it worth taking a look at – especially if you trade based on charts.

This inexpensive investing application features real-time pre-fab technical analysis charts. If the free options don’t do it for you, this could be an inexpensive alternative.

Financial Calculator
While this app isn’t strictly for investors, the feature set of this financial calculator make it indispensable if you’re working on complex financial valuations – or trying to price out bonds.

This app is a step up from the free Black Gold app that made #7 on our list. It offers commodity traders a way to keep tabs on dozens of commodities, currencies, fixed income securities, and indices at all times.

Mad Stocks
Keep track of Jim Cramer’s stock picks with this easy-to-use app.

Thompson Reuters News Pro
Forget that expensive financial news subscription… this new app from Thompson Reuters gives you free access to professional grade news and market data.

Daily Finance
AOL’s investing app helps you keep track of your portfolio with real-time quotes and professional grade charting.

This all-encompassing personal finance app helps you keep track of your money by gathering up to date info on your bank, credit card, and investment accounts.

Hopefully, this list of investing apps will help you score penny stock profits even when you’re not sitting in front of your computer. And remember, if you think we missed an investing app that you just can’t live without, be sure to let us know in the comments below!