Becoming “a citizen of the world”

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There are so many ways that you can earn money from home nowadays, the internet has brought about great networking opportunities for many people. There are now a range of jobs that you can do in your spare time that will not only help you to save for the future, but also open up many doors of opportunity for you across the globe, as well as assisting other people in the process.

The internet boasts a wide range of sites dedicated purely to translation jobs that you can undertake from home either in your spare time or on a full time or freelance basis. There are many different businesses that rely on translators to undertake their work, these companies and institutions often advertise on the Institute of Translation and Interpreting’s website. If you don’t have a great deal of translation experience you can offer free work experience to these companies in order to fill in any gaps on your CV.

By developing your knowledge of the European Stock Markets, you can create a great deal of experience for yourself within both the Stock Exchange and the European blogging market. You can start as small as a free blog site, by offering speculation and knowledge on the European Stocks, if you offer valuable information to your readers and target the right audience then you should see a good amount of traffic in return. You can then offer to submit guest posts to other related sites and start creating a name and reputation for yourself.

App development has become a huge UK market, this can also be said for all other countries which have a large mobile market. There are a number of Apps which have received great across border success such as Facebook and Whatsapp. You can look to target specific countries by doing research into that countries most popular apps and how to best market your App to that region.

By involving yourself in International Markets, you are giving yourself the opportunity to work and travel between different countries. This will give you a sense of freedom and ensure that you are never tied to one place for too long. You will have the chance to travel across a range of countries for business meetings, presentations and networking opportunities.

There are many work from home opportunities that will allow you to branch into different European Markets, it is just about finding the right niche that suits you and your work.