Best Financial Investment Apps for iPad

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If you’ve bought the Apple ipad, you’re more than likely a bit of a geek, but also a wily investor – which means you’ll be wanting to know how you can make your shiny new appliance work it’s magic and return the investment. With over 200,000 apps on offer there’s a definite need to sort the wheat from the chaff, so here’s our guide to the best iPad Apps that are guaranteed to help you invest wisely.

Financial Times
Free to download, but subscription required to actually read content, the FT has developed a special edition app, which has been optimised specifically for the iPad. Perfect for downloading at home and reading on the move, content includes video, news, comment and analysis, whilst users can also view portfolios, view stock and compare market trends.

The very popular Mint App is free and appeals to the average man on the street with its intelligent ability to help users keep track of accounts and budgets on the move. Tied into an account via the standard website the Mint App allows users to draw together up-to-the-minute information on all of their accounts, credit cards and investments.

Bloomberg Mobile
Lauded by those in the know, the Bloomberg App allows real-time market analysis, including all the latest news, stock quotes and company information, chart and trend analysis, and interactive graphs and charts.

Daily Finance
Bringing together information from a variety of market sources, the free Daily Finance App provides a pool of information including news, advice and tools for people who actively manage their own portfolios – meaning you can be in touch with everything from market trends, top rate offshore banking and investment quotes 24/7.

Extending its online trading arm into the mobile environment, the E*Trade App allows users to view, analyse and actually move stock. Key functionality includes market news, account management, live watch lists and portfolios – all synchronized with an online account in real time.