Best Money Apps

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A collection of the best useful money related apps for your iPhone, iTouch or iPad. We look at some of the best financial applications to help with everyday financial situations and make life easier for you using your hand held gadget. For those of you with an iPhone, iTouch or iPad i’m sure you will agree, they have changed the way we work. Those of you who are investors can check out the best apps to make money.

This cool app enables you to quickly punch in receipt information, even letting you take pictures of those scraps of paper and store them digitally. No more lost receipt information. 

Cost: Free for the Lite version (stores up to 200 records); $4.99 for the full version (no record limit)

Local Sale Finder
Contains money saving vouchers for over 40,000 restaurants and other merchants across the UK. The app instantly delivers vouchers and discounts that you can use – wherever you are – direct to your iPhone or iPod Touch. Just download the application and start saving now with local restaurants and merchants near you. Cool!!
Cost: Free

It uses the great RedLaser barcode scanner (see below), but gives you results from Amazon, eBay, walmart, overstock, buy.com as well as Google. It even let’s you put in your own stores.
 Great to buy and sell stuff for eBay. Just add voice and it will be perfect.

Only  99c.

Mint iPhone App
Mint.com leads the pack when it comes to integrated online personal finance management; it should come as no surprise they’re blazing the path on the mobile front, too.

Mint’s iPhone app lets you securely access all of your financial data anytime on the go. Perfect for when you need to stay on top of your checking account and credit card balances when you’re away from home.


Red Laser
This app scans any bar code and uses Google Product Search and TheFind.com to locate the best price.
At Best Buy, Money saw two Blu-ray movies for $29.99 each; RedLaser found them for $19.99 at Walmart.com. Best Buy matched the price on the spot. Result: a $20 savings.  

ATM Hunter
Have you ever been out of your comfort zone and in desperate need of an ATM? If so, this app from MasterCard is sure to save the day. No matter what city you are in, with this app you will always be able to find an ATM close by.
Cost: Free

Do you struggle with how much money to leave as a tip when eating out? This is where the Tipulator app comes into play.

There’s no need to whip out your tip card anymore and stare at an incredibly small tip chart.

Although tip calculators are nothing new, this app has many features that make the math simple.

Cost: $1.99

Bill Minder
No matter what, there will always be people who forget when their bills are due. If you need help staying on the ball, this app is perfect for you.

It can track recurring bills, help you manage past payments, and allow you to mark balances as paid or unpaid.
Cost: $.99

Loan Shark
When applying for a loan you need to consider the finer details. This app helps you calculate the costs of several loans, while comparing rates and payment terms.

Along with this, you can even access amortization tables that are essential for long term loans. For car buyers, in particular, this is a great app. You never again have to trust the finance department.
Cost: $5.99

Are you the type of person who likes to stay up to date with the latest stock market news?

Do you work as a trader or just like to invest your money? With this app you can access real time stock quotes, news, updates, and much more.
Cost: Free

Save Benjis
There is nothing worse than buying an item at one store just to find that it could be had for cheaper somewhere else.

Well, if you have your iPhone and the Save Benjis app you never again have to worry about this.

This app allows you to instantly compare prices to ensure that you get the best deal.
Cost: $1.99

iBank Mobile is a native, stand-alone iPhone app that lets you keep track of your day-to-day spending and account balances on the go.

iBank for Mac users can sync transactions, accounts and categories automatically and seamlessly – via Wi-Fi (Bonjour), MobileMe, or any WebDAV server – for perfect personal finance management.
Cost: $4.99

With just two taps, you can enter your monthly budget and begin tracking your expenses immediately.

Pennies features a beautifully designed and extremely simple interface that allows you to record purchases in seconds.

You can then view your daily receipts or head to the Overview to find out how you are doing so far this month, along with your top expenses and other stats.
Cost: $2.99

MoneyBook allows you to easily manage your budget using an interface that looks so good, you’ll be excited to budget! Simply specify your monthly budget, enter expenses as they come in, and MoneyBook will tell you how much you have left to spend! It supports recurring expenses, spending categories, and can even show you progress over previous months.
Cost: $2.99

If you think we missed any useful money apps that you just can’t live without, be sure to let us know in the comments below…