Black Friday is Almost upon Us: Start Saving Now

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It seems like yesterday that summer was just beginning, and now August is almost at a close. If you have any cash advance that is outstanding, credit card debt, or other debt you will want to work on paying it off. Interest rates in the housing sector are down again, which could mean an affordable refinance situation for some homeowners. If you are one of the lucky ones, with home equity left to tap, you should consider paying off the high interest rate debts you find yourself with.

Black Friday may be close to three months away, but as we have seen June, July, and now August have flown by. In the blink of an eye you could be looking for deals on Black Friday to help find affordable Christmas presents for everyone. There are some tips here on how you can start saving now in order to afford Christmas presents this year. Some of these tips may seem common sense, and others may be harder for you to put into effect, but they are all meant to help you out.

1. Pay off any cash advance you have and avoid if possible gaining a new one. Cash advances, while helpful can have stiff fees the longer they are kept open. It will eat at your money more than a credit card or other high interest loan.

2. Pay more towards your car loan if you can. Do you have an extra $15 a month? If you do it will help get your principle balance down and that car paid off a bit faster, saving you interest in the long run.

3. Have you been paying only the minimum payment on your credit card? If so, you need to double the amount you’ve been paying to get those cards paid off.

4. In order to pay more towards your bills there are a few things you can do. One is to stop eating out. We like to eat out because we are not in the mood to cook or we do not like what we have to eat. To change this start shopping every day for your dinner. There is a shopping center on almost every corner, which means you can probably find one on the way home to pick up supplies and save money on gas too.

5. A second way to save money is to turn off that air conditioner and deal with the heat. It is not fun, but a lower monthly bill for your energy will help you send more income to credit cards and other bills.

By following these tips you can find some spare change towards the Christmas season to make it a fun holiday.