Bored Of Stocks, Bonds & Shares? Try These Alternatives

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If you have plenty of savings to invest, then why not consider going down an alternative route? Traditional investments such as stocks, bonds and currencies are all an option, but there are plenty of others, too.

We’re going to take a lot at some of these unique ways to invest, which should give you a little bit of fun along the way. Before we start, these are just for fun, so don’t go out and dive straight in. Always take financial advice from a professional before making any decisions about your money.

A holiday home

A lot of people invest in property, but it is a long-term process that can take years to see any benefit from. With this in mind, why not enjoy your property a little more by turning it into a holiday home. Find an excellent location that receives a lot of visitors all year round, and you should be able to rake in a decent amount of rental income. 

Plus, you will get to enjoy heading down there yourself for a free holiday once or twice a year. One thing we would say is that you should always keep your trips to your holiday home to the off-peak season. There is a lot of money to be lost if you decide to use your home for the summer or around Christmas time.

Invest in a hotel

Another area of property investment many people don’t think about is hotels. You have two options here. The first is to buy outright and run it as a business yourself. The second is to invest in a current hotel, via a wealth management company. If you go down this route, there are a few things to think about. Investment experts Redbrick Wealth recommends that you find a hotel that has a good record for attractive rental returns. Ideally, the developer or owner will also have a good track record in previous investments. You may find a hotel that offers free stays to its investors – which will give you a lot of fun a couple of weekends every year.

Buy a football club

OK, so unless you have a spare few billion pounds, it’s unlikely that you will be able to manage a top flight football club. However, have a look at your community and you will find many football clubs struggling to make ends meet. It doesn’t have to be football, of course. Many different sports clubs need investment. But buying into one could give you the opportunity to turn things around and build a successful team for your community. If you want to add something back to the place that you live in, it’s an excellent option.

Local businesses

If you know a lot about your local business community, then why not invest in a company you think will succeed? It will give you, potentially, a hands-on role, and could well set you on the road to being a successful entrepreneur. The amounts don’t have to be vast, and you will have to perform plenty of due diligence. But, the result could be an interesting portfolio of businesses in a broad range of industries. This is a great option for when you retire, and want something a little more focused to do with your days.

Do you have any unusual investments? Let us know about them in the comments section below.