Buying A Car? Remember These Money-Saving Tips

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Buying a car is something which many people look forward to with excitement. After all, you don’t get to do it all that often. However, there are downsides too, and one of them is that there is often a hefty price tag to consider. This can be a struggle for many people. Nonetheless, there are steps you can take to ensure that buying a car doesn’t mean breaking the bank. Nor does it necessarily have to mean that you have to settle for something less than what you would have wanted. With a little cleverness and dedication, you can get a decent car, and still save on the pennies. To find out how, read on.

Save Up

The first thing to mention is that, if you want to buy a car, it is a good idea to save up first. This might sound elementary or obvious, but in fact many people don’t consider it. One popular option for a lot of motorists is to simply use a credit card, or an overdraft, to pay for their new car. This might be tempting at first. It might even on the face of it, seem to be a sensible solution to the expense of getting a new car. However, it is not the kindest thing you can do to your wallet. The truth is, it is much better all round if you first save up a considerable amount of money. Obviously, it helps here if you have had the opportunity to think ahead. Not everybody does have this, so it all depends on your situation. But saving up some money is the best way to go, if you can.

Buy Used

It can be difficult deciding whether to buy new or used. However, when it comes to saving money, there is no question on the matter. Buying a used car is bound to be a lot cheaper than buying new. Nor do you have to make any particular sacrifices here. The market for used cars is enormous, and you are likely to find the kind of car that you really want to drive. What’s more, you avoid the issue of depreciation. When you buy a new car, you are essentially investing in something which lose value quickly. So you might say it is better to spend money on a used car in the first place. Remember, however, that there are other costs – running costs – further down the line.


Even if you do buy new, there is still some room for manoeuvring. Regardless of whether you end up buying used or new, you can always try to negotiate your way into a better deal. A lot of people don’t like this idea, perhaps because they don’t think they would be very good at it. But just remember that the dealers are more than used to it. In the end, there is nothing to worry about. What’s more, you might end up spending a considerable amount less than you had thought. And that is always a pleasant surprise.

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