Car Mods That Will Save You Money On Fuel Costs

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Want to start saving more money when you are driving your car? If so, you need to start thinking about fuel efficiency. After the initial purchase, fuel is the biggest cost to drivers by far. So, in this guide, we thought we would give you a brief overview of some of the modifications you can make that will save you cash at the pumps. Over your car’s lifetime, they should pay for themselves several times over. Let’s take a closer look.

A bigger garage

OK, so a garage won’t have an effect on the amount of fuel you use while driving in itself. But, it will give you space to store all the things you keep in your vehicle. You see, on average, every one hundred pounds of extra weight means an extra 1-2% of fuel consumption. It might not sound a lot on a week-to-week basis, but it’s a great start when you see the savings for a whole year.

Better tyres

The better tyres you have, the more fuel efficient your vehicle will be. Take the Pirelli Scorpion Zero, for example. Because of it’s thicker tread, it will handle better, last a lot longer, and improve your performance. All you have to do is keep them inflated to the correct pressure and spend less money on fuel at the pumps.

Engine monitoring system

Most modern cars have some variant of an engine tracker, but they are cheaper than ever to buy these days. So, get one if you can – and it will save you a lot of cash regarding petrol and diesel. It will give you data on all aspects of your engine’s performance, and let you know when your fuel economy is going through the roof. Keep an eye on it and it will help you become a far more efficient driver.

Grounding cables

Don’t try installing these if you are inexperienced – but your local garage can do it for a minimal cost. All modern cars rely heavily on electronics these days, and they are all connected to the main battery. And, as the connections get older, they start to lose conductivity, meaning your vehicle has to push itself harder. The more your engine works, the more fuel it will need – so change your grounding cables and you should see some excellent results. And, it costs you peanuts.

Vacuum gauges

Vacuum gauges sound a little more complicated than everything else on this list. But, it’s a cheap way of using less petrol or diesel, and your mechanic will have it fitted in no time. You’ll get a little monitor on your dashboard, and it will give you all kinds of info on how well you are driving. Everything you do in your car uses fuel, from acceleration to braking. And, if you can see on your vacuum gauge when this is happening, it will make you a more efficient driver.

OK, so there are some basic tips on how to save money on fuel for your car. There’s some general tips to think about, too. Put them all together and you could see as much as a 15-20% saving. Over a year, that could be as much as £1000 – so well worth doing!


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