Living with a disability can be tough, on many areas of life. One area is financials – numerous sources have shown that those with a disability generally have to spend more to live healthily. However, the same cannot be said of driving, and there are lots of easy, helpful ways to shave those costs from your car.

You’ll find several of these ways below, and hopefully, one or more of them help you out. Driving is meant to be enjoyed, so enjoy it!

Vehicle and road taxes

Of course, anyone who drives will be susceptible to road and vehicle tax, arguably the two banes of a driver’s existence. However, in some cases, those with a disability will be exempt from these taxes, which can mean big, big savings in the long run.

You will have to apply for vehicle tax using the relevant government authorities, and during this process, you can apply to be exempt. The government will look at your circumstances and assess whether or not you are eligible for a reduction. There’s no surefire way to guarantee you’ll see a tax relief, but it can’t hurt to try!

Helpful schemes and programs


There is no shortage of help available to you, and this can ultimately make your driving easier and cheaper. Applying for a scheme like TC Harrison motability offers you inclusive maintenance and insurance in one package. Schemes like this are government backed, meaning that they have the highest level of credibility.

Elsewhere, there are schemes that allow you to secure funding for any necessary upgrades you may need for your vehicle. These upgrades are detailed below, and it means that you can drive just as safely and comfortably as you need.
Cheap vehicle modifications


There are dozens upon dozens of cheap modifications you can make to your vehicle, in order to make it more suitable for use. Your circumstances may be unique, and that means that not just any old car will do. It must be suited to your needs, and fortunately, there are ways to get there.

There are many cheap, simple vehicle modifications you can do yourself, or ask a professional to do. These will make it easier and more comfortable for you to drive, at little to no costs. In fact, the government may even fund your upgrades if you can prove they’re necessary to your driving.

For starters, there’s a left foot accelerator. As the name implies, this retro-fits your pedals so you can accelerate with your left foot and use the brake/clutch with your right. You can also install braking and steering systems that require less effort to function. This is useful if you lack the necessary strength.


Elsewhere, there are all the usual lifts, ramps and movement aids that you’d expect would be possible. No matter your situation or circumstances, there will be something that can be done to help you, so don’t fret!

And that just about does it! Hopefully, something in this post was of some use to you. Anyone can run a car on a budget, but that doesn’t mean you have to feel uncomfortable. Best of luck on the roads, and stay safe!


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