Guide on how to stay stylish and dress for less

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Despite the constant stress for cost cutting necessities, style doesn’t need to take a backseat. Quite the contrary in fact, a limited budget requires more inventive style solutions, which can often result in a bespoke, unique look. Here’s our guide on how to stay stylish and dress for less.

Sustainable style
Recycle and reuse is the green mantra, but is also a great way to make savings out a tight fashion budget. Take a weekend to empty your entire wardrobe and have a complete clear out – not only will you rediscover old items that have been festering at the bottom of a draw, but you can also get together items that you no longer want. These can be used to source new styles either by a swap shop (see below), reinvention via creative crafts (see below) or sold online or at the local car boot to create some additional buying power.

Vintage Chic
Dump the high street brands and get to work in your local charity shops and car boot sales, or ferret about online for some fashion bargains. There’s nothing better than building an eye catching outfit without breaking the bank, and there are plenty of vintage classics out there to be found.

Swap shop
One woman’s rags is another’s riches… whilst you may have outworn your little black dress or never got round to airing some ‘slightly too tight’ jeans bought last summer, there will no doubt be someone out there who will pay good money for them. All sorts of swap shops have sprung up all over the country where women (and men) gather with their unwanted clothes, a couple of drinks and make a social event out swapping clothes.

Creative crafts
The craft revival in the style stakes means you could not only save bundles on your wardrobe but also be participating in a cutting edge pastime. Whether you choose to hone your sewing skills or specialise in re-fashioning old accessories, keep an eye out for local ‘stitch and bitch’ or crafty clubs where you can make new friends, gossip and create something unique.

Spend wisely
If you simply can’t resist the retail temptation, choose wisely. Label fanatics who have a back catalogue of couture classics should look to make some frugal, high street purchases that can be used to help refresh old outfits or accessories. Any big buys should be considered and budgeted for, if using a credit card or cash loans online,  be aware of interest rates and shop around for a good deal on balance transfers.