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How Car Enthusiasts Can Make Some Cash

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If you can turn your hobby or interest into a way of making money, why not go for it? There’s nothing better than loving your job, or even just doing something you love to make some money on the side.

Renovating Old Cars

The market for classic cars is getting bigger all the time. People love the idea of having a classic car sitting on their drive. But they don’t want an old banger that is going to break down every week or so. That’s why there’s a big demand for people who can take old cars and fix them up again.This is a task that requires investment. You need to have the money to buy the classic cars in the first place. But if you can get the cash together, you might be able to make a lot of money in the long-term. That’s because renovated classic cars tend to sell for quite large sums of money.


You don’t have to own a garage and manage a team of staff to carry out car repairs. If you have the necessary skills and experience to repair cars, you could set up a small business from your driveway. If you have a garage next to your home, you could operate the business from there.

Many people who do this, start out by fixing small problems with the cars of their friends and family members. And then if the word starts to spread about the work you’re doing, you might find more people approaching you with work. It might not make you rich, but it could make you some extra money.


There’s more demand than ever before for delivery services. This is mainly down to the huge rise in online sales of products. Those products have to make their way from the seller to the buyer somehow, and this is where delivery firms come into play. And that’s not the only form of delivery out there.There’s also business to business deliveries that need to be carried out. It’s perfectly possible to invest in a van and start up a small delivery business that operates in your local area. You just need to be able to find clients and build trust with them. If you can do that, you could find real success. Be sure to compare insurance online because you’ll need to be covered.

Scrap Dealing

There is money to be made from scrap dealing. If you can buy old cars that no longer work or that nobody wants, you could strip them down and then make some money from the metal. There’s always a demand for scrap metal. It might not be the most lucrative industry in the world, but there is money in it.

The best way to do it is to take out any functioning parts that can be sold and reused, and then sell the metal as scrap. You could work as a sole trader or get together with some friends to maximise your profits and combine your efforts and strengths.