How to Make a Solid First Call Resolution Rate

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First call resolution is a term for the successful addressing of a customer’s needs on the first call. This is a standard, yet important metric, as an efficient representative can cut down the need for a second call and thereby cutting down on a heavy call volume. Managers monitor follow-ups calls methodically, looking for any signs of customer dissatisfaction so that changes can be made to better serve them.

The initial greeting is the difference between a happy customer and an irate one that will call repeatedly. The tone and wording from the representative in the first minute sets the connection on both sides of the call and with the right assistance keeps a positive exchange going. A thing to keep in mind is the growing skills of customers. Savvy ones are more discerning of their products and a poor customer service experience can easily make them switch products. Worse yet, a company can decide to find a new customer service solution though other call center services.

The agents answering the calls need proper training and maintenance as well. A large issue is the employee churn rate for a company. A high rate means that more potentially untrained employees will take the places of experienced ones. The best way to counteract that issue is to create a comprehensive and effective call script for agents to use. This eases the transition for them and maintains the quality service they give to the customer. A feedback system between employees also adds to the level of work the overall call center produces.

The agent and manager should know every detail of a call to see if a lasting impression was formed. Doubt of the overall experience for the customer is something that should be nonexistent, and companies that can achieve that will set them apart from the competition.

Jesus Garay is a freelance writer with interests in customer service and technology. Currently, he is concentrating on the power of answering services and how they can solve issues for corporations.