How to save money on energy by spending nothing

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There are plenty of posts out there talking about ways to save energy that suggest you buy something, but isn’t that the complete opposite of the point? Saving energy should save you money, and there are plenty ways you can do it that don’t cost a penny.

You don’t have to invest in a smart thermostat or buy all new appliances to cut down on your energy use. Here’s some simple tips to save money on energy without the need for extra spend.

Wear layers 
Sure the house might be an icebox, but as long as the pipes aren’t going to freeze, there’s no real danger. Pull on your parka and put some nice thick socks on. You’ll be toasty in no time. Keeping the heat down can add up savings fast, and besides, everyone has winter clothes already.

Limit lighting to one per room at all times 
There’s no reason to have more than one light on at a time when you’re in a room. If you’re having trouble seeing the words on the page, move closer to the light. Whatever you do, don’t leave a light on when you leave the room, that’s just wasteful! Think of all the energy you’ll save by sacrificing unnecessary brightness.

Shop around for energy 
New York has always been at the forefront of energy deregulation in the States. If you know how to do your homework, you can find a retail supplier offering real money-saving rates. Check out www.energyratesnewyork.com for more info. Once you find a low rate on energy, you’ll be doubling your savings from all these other tips.

If it’s within five miles, walk! 
You need the exercise anyway, especially if you’ve been sitting around in a cold house. After all, there’s nothing better for warming up than getting the blood flowing a bit. Driving is expensive, and we’re not just talking about fuel. The less you drive, the less maintenance your car will need, and just think of the benefits to your waistline!

If you can’t go to the game, listen to the radio instead of watching on TV
This one is an easy call. The announcers are better on the radio, listening to a game requires you to flex your imagination skills, and the radio uses tons less energy than your TV. Plus, when you embrace this tip along with all the others, you’ll feel like you’re living in the 1940s not just acting like you do. Don’t forget to prop your radio up on an old wooden milk crate for full effect.

Use a clothesline
Using an electric clothes dryer really is a first world luxury. No matter where you live, chances are there’s a decent place around that could support a clothesline. You can even get fancy and install some pulleys if you want to get handy. Hanging that laundry instead of wasting energy on heating up air to dry it out will save you tons of money.

Saving money on energy isn’t all about buying the newest technology. People often forget that electricity access has only been widespread for a little over 100 years. Take advantage of these tips and you’ll not only understand what it felt like to live in the early days of widespread electricity use, you’ll save a lot of money.