How to take care of valuables when you’re out and about – and get covered with contents insurance

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We all carry expensive items around with us, every time we leave the house. So adding cover to your contents insurance for valuables outside your home is a great idea. It might be a top-of-the-range phone, a new mp3 player, a diamond engagement ring, or a wallet full of cash and credit cards. These things, especially when in loose pockets or open bags, can be a magnet for criminals.

Of course, there are things you can do to help reduce your risk, and make yourself less of a target on the street. Although contents insurance is a good place to start, be aware that you’ll probably need to specify that you want additional personal belongings cover, as it comes as an optional extra with most policies.

Check out contents insurance online quotes to find a policy that covers you. And follow these top tips to reduce your chances of the worst happening while you’re away from home:

Don’t be flash
You might be keen to show off your new mp3 player to your mates, or pass your expensive smartphone round to be admired. But this could give potential thieves the chance to admire your valuables too. So save the demonstrations until you’re in private, and you’ll be less of a target for unwanted attention. Of course, unfortunate incidents can still occur for even the most careful people. So you should also add the right cover to your contents and house insurance so you’re covered against theft outside your home.

Zip it up
Bags left open, either accidently or because they fasten insecurely, are a pickpocket’s dream come true. A careful hand dipped into a bag in a crowd, and your valuables could be gone in matter of seconds – without you even noticing. So it’s a good idea to always make sure your bag is properly closed. Buy handbags with zip fastenings, and keep them tightly under your arm in public, to make it more difficult for anyone to try to reach your valuables.

Leave it at home
For anything very expensive, of sentimental value or irreplaceable (such as an inherited piece of jewellery), think about whether you actually need to have it on you. For example, is it really a good idea to wear your great-grandmother’s vintage ring when you’re hiking on a weekend away? If you’re going somewhere where things are likely to get lost or broken, ask yourself: do I really need to take it? And if the answer’s no, leave it behind in a safe or other secure place at home.

Although following these tips can help to keep your things safe, you can never guarantee you won’t be at risk. That’s why adding the right options to your contents insurance, to make sure your valuables are covered, is still a good idea.