Research Potential Employers Online

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When you start a new job, you want to know what type of company you’re going to work for especially in the current market. With redundancies and foreclosures common place, you should have all the facts before you accept a job offer.

There are so many ways that you can investigate a company, including looking into their accounts and searching for customer reviews. In the end you need to know whether that particular company is going to be a good place to work, which includes paying you on time and doing well financially. These tips will allow you to brush up on a company, but beware take reviews and comments with a pinch of salt.

Have a look into the company’s finances:
In the end a company that is going through a rough patch is not going to be a great place to work, as in most cases you will be expected to deal with situations arising from their unfortunate financial status. You may also be faced with redundancies and a negative atmosphere in the office. You should make sure that the company you are applying for has a solid financial status, by completing a company search you can gauge the success of a company. You can also see whether they have been involved in any litigation proceedings.

Have a look for employees on social networks:
You can generally measure the atmosphere in an office by looking at past and present employees’ presence of social sites. LinkedIn is especially good for this as you can see how long people worked at the company. If the company has a high turnover of staff then you may find that the company is has difficulty holding on to staff, although certain sectors will have a naturally high turnover, especially sales. You can also see what present employees think of the company – they may have statuses about working there. You can also see what customers think of the company by looking at mentions on Twitter and online reviews.

Have a look at competitors:
Who are its competitors and how do they compare? You can compare wages, job descriptions and financial situations with companies in the same industry. This will give you some idea of how the company is doing and whether they are offering a fair wage for the job you will be doing for them.
It is important to fully investigate a company before you start working there. In this current climate it is important to secure a job with a reputable firm, as redundancies and insolvencies continue to dominate the headlines. Many of these hints and tips will give you an insight into a company, but don’t forget to trust your instincts.