Top 10 biggest advertisers

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It’s amazing how much businesses spend on advertisements and marketing. The top 10 biggest advertisers featured below have all spent well over $1 billion on advertising! 

#10 Unilever – $2.10 Billion
Unilever’s biggest brands are Dove ($176 million), Lipton ($57 million) and Slim-Fast ($51 million). The biggest mediums are network TV, accounting for $300 million, and magazines, $219 million.

#9 Johnson and Johnson – $2.30 Billion
Focusing its efforts on network TV ($468 million) and magazines ($316 million), the company’s top spending on brand name ads was for Tylenol ($156 million), Neutrogena ($152 million) and Aveeno ($121 million).

#8 Walt Disney Corporation – $2.32 Billion
Most of its spending by far is used to promote its Buena Vista movies ($441 million). Disney also spreads itself out – spending over $100 million in 7 different mediums: newspaper, magazine, network TV, spot TV, cable TV networks, local radio and the Internet.

#7 GlaxoSmithKline – $2.44 Billion
The largest spending has been for the athsma remedy Advair ($194 million), the osteoperosis medication Bonvia ($100 million), the anti-viral pill Valtrex ($99 million), and the prostate drug Avodart ($97 million), along with a long list of other brands, six of which topped $50 million.

#6 Ford Motor Corporation – $2.58 Billion
Focusing almost half of its spending (over $1 billion in 2006) on the flagship Ford brand, only three of the company’s other auto brands top $100 million.

#5 Verizon Communication – $2.82 Billion
The communications giant is also a giant spender. With its new fiber optic TV and internet service, Verizon is getting the word out big time, spending almost $600 million on newspapers, and over $400 million on network TV.

#4 Time Warner – $3.09 Billion
The media giant, with big names like Warner Bros, AOL, HBO and CNN under its control, Time Warner’s is at number 4, eclipsing $3 billion.

#3 General Motors Corporation – $3.30 Billion
With most of its ad budget directed towards Chevrolet ($755 million), by and far the majority of the company’s efforts have been in network TV, where it spent over $800 million.

#2 AT&T – $3.34 Billion
With its biggest three media spending areas, network TV ($607 million), newspapers ($405 million) and spot TV ads ($356 million) AT and T is second on the list, spending $3.34 billion in advertising.

#1 Procter and Gamble Corporation – $4.90 Billion
With three huge ad mediums totaling over $800 million each – cable TV ($809 million) magazine ($839 million) and network TV ($967 million) – Procter and Gamble is the biggest spender by far. With 4 brands over the $200 million mark (Olay, Crest, Gillette and Pantene) the long list of notable brand names under Procter and Gamble’s corporate belt understandably makes for huge ad spending.