Top Tips for Travelling on a Budget

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Once upon a time, extensive travelling was considered to be a past-time only for the rich, but now, with so many bargains to be had, more and more people are holidaying on a budget. However, not everyone knows how to make the best of all the deals out there, which is why we have come up with some great tips to ensure you don’t miss out on all the fun accommodation, meal and mobile gaming discounts available.

Research Local Transport

There is likely to be some sort of consolidation system when it comes to transport wherever you go, for example, travel cards for daily, weekly or even monthly travel on both buses and trains. It may also be cheaper to purchase tickets for transport prior to travel, either online or at specific machines or kiosks at your destination, so make sure you do your research before travelling. Be wary of increasing taxi prices after certain times in some countries and find out how much taxi journeys should cost so you know if you are being charged more than the local rate simply because you are a tourist.

Bag a Bargain

Companies such as hotels and restaurants are well aware of the need to attract more custom by not only providing a great service and fantastic food, but by making customers feel like they are getting a bargain. Many achieve this by providing voucher codes via specific discount sites such as Wowcher, and These kind of perks can also be found from other types of companies on social networking sites so if you are looking for offers on things like online games (which can be a life-saver while you are waiting for a connecting flight) check out your social media.

Be Picky with Gifts

If you are travelling to multiple destinations, it may be tempting to want to buy souvenirs from every place you visit, but this is not cost-effective when on a budget. Set yourself a budget before you travel and only purchase items you know will mean a lot to the recipient. Remember, photographs are a great way to collect memories and can always be printed off and framed cheaply when you return home.

Budget Accommodation

If you are travelling with the intention of seeing a lot of the area you are visiting then it is pointless spending a fortune on luxury hotels, or even better than basic hotels. B&Bs can be just as comfortable as a hotel and are much cheaper, so don’t automatically opt for a hotel when booking accommodation. If you are planning to holiday near family or friends, make use of these connections and let them know you intend to be in the area – with any luck they will invite you to stay!

Travel With Friends

Going on a getaway with friends is not only thoroughly enjoyable but is also a great way to keep your budget low. You can share the price of accommodation and even food (anyone for a sharing platter?) when holidaying with one or multiple friends, so rally the troops and book your trip together.

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