UK Debt Infographic

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Here’s an infographic showing the horrifying true story of the amount of debt in the UK. The forecast for the average person in the UK is looking pretty bleak when it comes to debt levels.

The recent rise in VAT and inflation soaring at the same time as benefits being cut across the board, many Brits are finding it harder and harder to cope. With interest rates predicted to rise this year, many consumers could find themselves facing higher monthly payments at a time when they are struggling to meet their existing outgoings.

The Story of UK Debt Q4 2010
Infographic by Money Debt  and Credit

Total personal debt in the UK – £1,454bn

Individuals owe more in personal debt than the country’s annual output

As a country we owe more in personal debt than we produce in economic output as a whole.

The future impact of this on the UK is yet to manifest and there are many predictions as to how it will unfold. This report aims to reveal the true state of personal debt in the UK.

£29,875 – The average owed by UK adults

Even more frightening is that the average person already on a debt management plan has unsecured debts to the value of £17,857, with 19% owing more than £30,000 on credit cards, personal loans, overdrafts, store cards and catalogues.

£57,706 – The average UK household debt

The average household pays out over £2,582 in interest every year.

46% of personal debt is on Credit Cards. If you must have a credit card, you can get more information from this site here and compare rates and terms to avoid pitfalls.

What is the make up of the type of personal debt for the average citizen in the UK?

Credit Cards 52% Personal Loan 36% Overdraft 3% Catalogue 2% Store Card 2% HP/Secured Loans 2% Other 6%

£2.73 is saved by the average person every day

7.9 million cash withdrawals every day with a value of £530 million

372 people a day will be declared insolvent or bankrupt. That equates to 1 person every 4 minutes

For those who are struggling with debt, seeking help as soon as possible can stop their finances from spiralling out of control and may also provide people with more options with which to tackle their debt.