Want to Impress Potential Clients and Investors? Check Out This Guide.

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When it comes to bagging clients and investors, the name of the game is giving off an amazing impression. Messing up in this area can have seriously bad consequences! If you put off a potential client or investor, then you have the obvious downside of not getting their business. But that’s not all. Investors, and the type of people who might be your clients, all seem to know each other. Word gets around fast in these sorts of circles. If you haven’t made a very good impression, then you could be affecting your chances with other clients and investors.
So you need to make sure you impress them deeply when you’re in your initial negotiations. Of course, these interactions can take many forms. Perhaps you’re meeting with potential clients or investors face-to-face. Maybe it’s all taking place over the phone or even via the Internet. In any case, you need to make sure you impress them.
Here are some of the things you may need in order to wow potential clients and investors!

Success stories

These guys love to hear that you’ve already had some success in your field. Previous successes are often seen as a strong indicator of future success. So get together an exhaustive list of all you’ve achieved. If you’ve had success in previous business ventures, you should be including that stuff too. See if you can grab some feedback from any previous clients. When you meet with your potential clients or investors, you should have these stories ready.

A strong Internet presence

Clients and investors will always be comforted to know that you have a good Internet presence. After all, an Internet presence is one of the most important features of any business marketing scheme. Your website needs to look and feel amazing. You should have a strong following on social media, and have a proven history of great interaction with your fans.

Style and flash

You can’t always just relay stories of success to these guys. Sometimes, you need to look the part. That doesn’t necessarily mean you have to get a flashy suit and some jewellery. There are much more subtle but powerful things you can do. Look at your method of transport, for example. If you’re meeting with clients or investors face-to-face, then the chances are you’ll need to drive them around to places.

An amazing product or service

What, did you think you were going to get away with clients and investors without this? This is the number one priority. If you don’t have the goods, then these guys are just going to turn away. Your product or service needs to be innovative. It needs to fill a gap that people may not even have noticed was there. Preferably, you’ll have tested it out on a small scale so you can present some positive data to the potential clients and investors. Whatever the case, you need to make sure your sales pitch is second to none.

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