Credit Cards

3 Outstanding Tips For Every Credit Card Owner

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We live in a luxurious world of opportunities today. There are so many things you can do with an efficient amount of money today from travelling all over the world to investing in your own business to buying ridiculously expensive cars. That noted, resisting temptation is even harder given how well-targeted advertisements have become. Google search something once and you will see ads about that product for a lifetime or until you finally give up and get it. Add a decent credit card limit into the pot and boom – you are broke, in debt but still willing for more. Wow, how’d that happen?

Baby steps…

You can’t change the world unless you start with yourself. Gaining additional knowledge about appropriate financial management while owning a credit card is pivotal to your happy survival in 2017! And I’m not exaggerating. Here are a few decent tricks that may and will help along the way:

Choose the best fitting card

With service this shouldn’t really be a problem. A well-tailored web app will guide you through all available options and will highlight the best deals for cards with most efficient cashback and bonuses. You will know exactly which types of cards to apply for with your personal profitability in mind.

Feel the weight

Most people don’t feel the real weight of money. If you have a hundred pounds in your wallet and that’s the limit spending £30 is hard. When you have a piece of plastic without a limit or with a really good credit record the same £30 doesn’t feel like much. You have more where that came from, right? No, you don’t! You must be aware that every time you pay for goods with a credit card you are borrowing the money. And there will come a day when you will have to pay them back.

Have a plan

A decent, fitting financial plan. This one works fine:

  • Get all the cash you earn per month and don’t think of spending a penny on day one.
  • Then pay for the bills.
  • Then put 10% on your bank account and forget about it until you really need the money.
  • Whatever is left should be divided by 4.
  • Each of the 4 units is the amount you can afford spending during a week.

That’s it!

These small steps are really all it takes to fully manage your finances and you don’t need a master’s degree in economics to succeed. Imply follow 3 simple rules and it should really improve you money problems.