5 Tips To Reduce The Cost Of Buying A New Car

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Whether or not it makes good economic sense to purchase brand new cars is a debate that’s been raging on for decades. Nevertheless, 2017 has brought about yet another enormous spike in new car sales across the United Kingdom, with new vehicle sales reaching their highest level in some time.

So it’s clear that as far as the great British public is concerned, there’s definitely much to be said for buying new. But what’s important to remember is that even when you do decide to buy a car from new, this doesn’t necessarily mean that you cannot make considerable savings with a proactive approach.

In fact, keep in mind the following tips along the way and you may just find yourself saving some money:

1. First of all, don’t let it escape your attention that all new car dealers across the country are required to meet targets, which more often than not are based on quarterly sales. Sales are tallied at the end of March, June, September and December, at which time it is determined whether or not the dealer in question has met their targets. As such, these can potentially be the best times of the year to pick up a new car, as in any instance where a dealer has not met their required quota, they may be willing to discuss quite generous deals and discounts.

2. Under no circumstances should you ever take the sticker price on any new car as gospel. These days, it simply makes sense to first head online and carry out as much research as necessary, in order to find out exactly what kinds of prices are being charged both on the streets and by way of online brokers.

In many instances, dealers will be willing to match or beat the prices quoted by their rivals, in order to avoid losing out on sales. If this is the case, you may be able to buy the car from the dealer of your choice and for the best possible price available.

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3. Consider all options available to you when it comes to the various specifications and trim levels the vehicle in question comes in. Some of the biggest savings can be made simply by shaving unnecessary extras off the deal, reducing engine size and so on.

4. The overwhelming majority of people who buy cars from new – approximately 80% – do so using credit services. When applying for and utilising any kind of credit whatsoever, your current credit score will determine not only whether or not you qualify, but the kinds of repayment terms, interest rates and general borrowing costs you can expect. As such, it simply makes sense to first check your credit score for free online with a company such as ClearScore

5. Last but not least, don’t forget that it’s perfectly possible to combine all the benefits of a brand new car with the kinds of savings usually exclusive to second-hand vehicles. Whenever a vehicle manufacturer rolls out an all new or significantly updated model, all previous models find themselves in line for hefty discounts. The cars are still technically brand new, but given the way that they are considered ‘end of line’ models, it’s possible to negotiate discounts as high as 30% off the original price.