Beginner Driver’s Guide To Saving Money On Your Car

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If you are just starting out on the road, you have our commiserations. While learning to drive and getting your license is a wonderful life event, it’s also an expensive one. However, there are several ways that you can save on certain costs to make things easier for you. In today’s guide, we’re going to look at some of those methods. So, buckle up and take a look to see if you can cut the costs of becoming a driver yourself.

Choose the best instructor possible

Your choice of instructor is going to be vital if you want to save money. Get referrals from your friends, and read online reviews of driving instructors in your area. Also, think about how you take your lessons. You won’t learn much in one hour, so 90 or 120-minute lessons might be better for you. You could also think about paying for them in a block. Most instructors will give you a discount if you pay for your lessons upfront, so ask around and see what you can come up with.

Only take your test when you are confident

Don’t rush into taking your test. Listen to your instructor, and only take your test when they say you are ready for it. When you have an assessor in your car, it can be stressful, and it isn’t the same experience as driving with your instructor. You have to be confident, or nerves could kick in and cause you to make a mistake.

Buying your first car

OK, so now you have passed your test, you might think things are going to get a lot cheaper. Sadly, they aren’t. First of all you’ll need a new car – and this can be a huge expense. Avoid buying brand new and get to know your local used car market. You will pay less, and as long as the car is in reasonable condition, it should last you the distance. Bear in mind that as a new driver, you are more likely to crash. So, you have to ask yourself: is it worth buying an expensive vehicle first time around?


Because you are less experienced on the road, your insurance company will see you as more of a risk. And unfortunately for all new drivers, that means you will be paying out a lot on your premiums. There are a couple of things that you can do, though. Firstly, make sure you use an excellent comparison tool to ensure you get the best price. Take a look at Comparaencasa.com for a good example of what to expect. Secondly, prove your driving ability by getting a telematics system in your car. It will show your insurers that you are a safe driver, and will lower those monthly costs.


Finally, make sure you are driving as efficiently as possible. You can keep your fuel costs down by driving at optimum speeds, and in the best gear for the speed. Also, keep your vehicle maintained and check your tire pressure and oil levels often. Good luck – and congratulations on becoming a new driver!