Best Forex Trading Books

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Successful forex traders need to keep learning to stay updated on the newest and the best strategies they can use. The books apprise them to the realities in the market because the forex markets are highly linked to the geopolitical events. They also help them to learn new forex profit-making strategies, and to understand how international markets are connected.

The books we have shortlisted here are ideal to all kind of investors, as they have inspirational content to all forex generations.

  • Trading in the zone by Mark Douglas

The main aim of this book is to change the trader’s mindset. The book might be highly beneficial to you if keep on losing in the market despite how much you change your trading strategies. The book also talks about trading psychology, trading discipline, and ethics that you must observe in the market to take care of your emotions. After all, trading emotions are among the top things in trading that are hard to control. Make a point of reading this book; if you struggle with excitement, overtrading, fear and greed win the forex market.

  • Trade your way towards financial freedom by Van K Tharp

This book teaches traders how to become the best traders in their market; this is because it provides a step by step guide on how to develop a proper trading strategy. The author, Van K Tharp has many academic years experience that has armed with the rights research and coaching skis. This book is particularly helpful in teaching about position sizing and R-multiples strategies. It also talks about the most crucial forex strategies such as what you can do if the market is against you, How to make profits in forex online trading platforms etc.

  • Trading price action by Al Brooks

In this book, Al Brooks covers a lot of content, including every single meaning of the candles in charts as well as what each candle imply in the price patterns. The author goes ahead to educate traders on how to use different trend channels and lines. By digging on this book, it’s evident that Al Brooks has adequate knowledge of what happens in the forex market. If you want to know more about it, search it at his YouTube channel where he occasionally posts trading techniques videos on a regular basis.

  • Market Wizards: interviews with the top traders by Jack D Schwager

This is a top forex trading books made of a collection of the best traders in the business interviews. You will not only find chocks of wisdom which you can apply in your trading body but also success stories of how the top traders made it in the market. Although most of the interviews were done in the past years around in the 1980s, the advice still stands to date. You will get more information on how to maintain a trading discipline, how to manage capital risks, and also how you can make consistent trades and keep winning.

  • Forex for beginners by Anna Coulling

This is a crucial addition that we can’t leave out on our top list! As the name suggests, the author dedicates the content to the young investors who are just starting. It contains tip guides which guide the traders who are still new into the market. It does not only focus on the positive sides of the market but also highlights some of the challenges which new traders must expect when they step into the market. With a detailed overview of all the markets trading basics, forex by beginners is undoubtedly a must read the book if you want to be successful in the forex market.


There are many excellent forex trading books out there, and the list cannot, therefore, be considered to be complete. People come up with perspective trading ideas and write the content down into books, and this means that new books are released every day. So, keep reading as many books as possible to grow your weak areas in the field.