Best Industries for Starting a Business Right Now

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Fancy yourself as the next big business success story?Been toying with the idea of submitting an LLC application? In truth, there’s never been a better time to consider starting a new business in the US. Particularly in the age of all-things connection, establishing and running a profitable business is genuinely within the reach of most ambitious entrepreneurs. The question being – which are the most prosperous industries for new businesses, as of mid-2018? Options and opportunities are abundant to say the least, though the following represent perhaps the most lucrative prospects of all for those who get it right:


Already worth approximately $1.1 billion this year, the eSports industry in the United States is expected to hit $1.7 billion by the end of the decade.  Nevertheless, comparatively few service providers are making any real headway into the phenomenon. As such, now really is the perfect time to get in at ground level.


Influencer Representation

Right now, the web is bursting at the seams with the kinds of influential social-media stars who make good money from their accounts. Nevertheless, the vast majority lack the kind of representation that could net them the most lucrative deals and partnerships of all. If you have any experience whatsoever in PR, influencer representation could be for you.

Home & Building Maintenance

Property maintenance services are not what you’d call a passing fad. Instead, demand for quality property maintenance and repairs is constant across the whole of United States. It’s the kind of business area that weathers even the most difficult economic unrest with relative ease. After all, people will always need their homes, offices and other buildings looked after.


Marijuana/Cannabis Business

If you can break into the legal cannabis industry in the United States, now’s the time to think about doing it. By 2020, the total US the cannabis industry is expected to grow in value from its current $8 billion or so to more than $20.5 billion. Savvy entrepreneurs across the country are already making their fortunes in the so-called ‘green gold rush’ why not follow their example?

Alternative-Protein Food

Health-conscious consumer audiences across the United States have become no less than obsessed with the concept of nontraditional protein sources. To such an extent that this once-niche market generated more than $4.5 billion last year alone. One of the few food-focused industries that isn’t already completely saturated.

Street Vendor Business

The recent and ongoing boom in the popularity of street vendors and food trucks in general isn’t going anywhere for the foreseeable future. Particularly in the cases of those businesses focusing on unique and exotic food products from around the world. Significantly easier and cheaper than opening a restaurant, with limitless potential for growth.


Elderly Care

Last but not least, people are living longer lives than ever before in the United States and the demand for innovative elderly care products is growing like never before. An enormously lucrative market generating more than $50 billion per year, which is expected to experience further growth of more than 40% within the next five years.