CFPS cashback service

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CFPS is an intelligent cross-platform mobile application. It is based on the latest technologies making it easier for people to manage their finances. In the first phase, users will be able to order their CFPS cards and use basic functions of the CFPS app, for instance, open a multi-currency account in euros, pounds and dollars. CFPS money transfers and other basic features will also be available.

There is a trend in the fintech industry that developers and product teams of financial applications strive to introduce as many add-ons as possible, which in practice turn out to be useless and unnecessary for people. The main task for us is to offer users daily banking, which does not take a long time to understand. European banking services have a lot of local solutions for sending and receiving funds. CFPS can bring them all together through CFPS money transfer options.

As a result of research and in-depth interviews, neobanks cause inconvenience to their customers. This applies not only to complex add-ons, but also to the lack of easy-to-understand technical support. More often than not, problems of mobile app users are solved by robots, or chatbots. They use templates to respond to messages, which may be very confusing. CFPS goes the other way and is completely user-focused. CFPS plan to avoid using chatbots in communication with our customers and put it into the hands of CFPS phone support with real employees behind it.

At the same time, CFPS do not forget about innovation and plan to implement functionality based on real customer requests. We are talking about functions based on specific preferences. It means you will get exactly what you need and nothing unnecessary. Moreover, one of CFPS ambitious goals is to implement an API-based platform allowing the quick connection of various providers.

However, users will already be able to transfer CFPS money, pay in stores using Apple Pay and Samsung Pay, and earn cashback. The main task for CFPS for the first year is to make the cashback service as convenient and enjoyable for the user as possible. Customers will be able to get not just bonuses, but real money to their CFPS card. The money transfer via SWIFT, SEPA, CHAPS and other systems will also be freely available.

In the 21st century you can find a huge number of neobanks for different purposes in the fintech market. All of them provide traditional financial services, differing only in additional functions. As we know, many of them have a similar problem: robotic technical support. Hence, there are many nuances, but the main one is that people are afraid to store large sums of money in virtual wallets due to the lack of personal interaction. Despite the competitive advantages and benefits, users often face a lack of empathy and caring. While taking an interest in integrating new features and functionality, some companies forget that first and foremost they create a product for people. To see this, just go to the App Store and Google Play Store and read the reviews.