Does It Matter What Car Engine Oil You Use?

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One of the most commonly asked questions among motorists all over the world is “does
it really make a difference what kind of oil you use for your car?” The short answer is
yes it does. But in terms of why it makes a difference, things get somewhat more
complicated and scientific. Which is precisely why the best thing to do is
speak to engine oil specialists for their own recommendations. But if you
do decide to go the DIY route, there are a few things you need to know before
making your final decision.
Technically speaking,
choosing motor oil that is suitable for your car is relatively easy. Depending
on the type and size of the engine, not to mention the type of vehicle you
drive, you’ll be able to pinpoint which motor oils are suitable or otherwise in
an instant. Nevertheless, you will probably pick up on the fact that there are
dozens, maybe even hundreds of products available at very different prices.
The question in this
instance being – does it matter which when you go for?
Once again, the answer is
yes…it does.
The simple fact of the
matter is that there are so many advantages to choosing premium motor oil over
lower quality alternatives. Even if it means spending more in the interim, what
you get out of the deal equates to outstanding value for money.
So next time you find
yourself tempted by bargain basement motor oil from a brand you’ve never heard
of, you might want to consider the advantages of stepping things up a
notch.  Which include:
High-Temperature Performance
Premium-quality motor oil
isn’t nearly as volatile as low-quality oil, meaning that it holds onto its
viscosity at high temperatures much better.
Low-Temperature Performance
the highest quality motor oil on the market is designed to function flawlessly at
even the lowest temperatures. This in turn ensures that the oil flows through
the engine properly and lubricates all important parts, without having to first
be warmed to a more conventional operating temperature.
mark of a premier motor oil can also be measured in its ability to help keep
the internal parts of your engine as clean as possible. Along with producing
minimal deposits of their own, the very best engine oil is designed to actively
remove and reduce the presence of existing deposits within the engine.
it or not, the quality of the engine oil you choose can have a marked impact on
both the performance of your car and its fuel efficiency. Put simply, the
better the quality of the engine oil you use, the better the performance and mileage
you can expect to get out of your vehicle.
Oil Changes
Last but not least,
quality oil may cost more to purchase in the first place, but the very best
engine oils on the market don’t need to be changed nearly as often.  In fact, it is estimated that stepping up to
a higher quality of oil could eliminate the need for anything from 15 to 50 oil
changes during the life of the vehicle.
Savings that vastly augment the additional initial expense of purchasing
premium engine oil.