Financial Emergency? Here’s What To Do When You Need Fast Money

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For most people on the planet, there will always be times when you need to get your hands on money quickly. Emergencies happen, and as much as we try to prepare for them, it won’t always be enough. So, if you need to raise cash fast, read on. These ideas should help you get out of your sticky situation.

Sell something – or anything

When times are tough, it might be wise to think about selling some of your things. It can be hard, of course, but you could also see it a way to clear the decks and start a new chapter in your life. Take your book collection, for example. Perhaps you have built up a few walls full of great titles, but are you ever going to read them again? Having a cull of anything you won’t go back to is a great way of raising some quick cash. It’s the same with your music, old games consoles, and your jewellery. If it can get you a few hundred dollars that can get you out of a fix, then why not go for it? It seems silly to have them lying around, unused when they could be making you money.

Get an overdraft

Depending on how your credit is looking, your bank may allow you to increase your overdraft. It’s far cheaper than getting a credit card or a loan, and you might even be given a temporary limit to see you through your troubles. Once things have calmed down, you can return your account to an in-credit state, and you won’t be charged a fortune. However, there are no guarantees here, so if you have had problems before or have a bad credit rating, don’t expect too much help.

The Payday Loan

There are plenty of lenders out there that provide cash loans for people with a poor credit history. The question is, which one do you go for? Payday loans are expensive if you don’t pay them back quickly, and some companies are better than others. So, if you do go down this route, it is vital you know what you are signing up for. Look out for extra fees and hidden charges, and be prepared to have to pay more than you would for a typical bank loan. However, they can get you out of a tricky situation, and the costs can be minimised by paying the loan off on time and quickly.

Become An Entrepreneur

In recent years, there has been a glut of website services that people can give away things for free. It can be a hassle for some people to sell their old things. Many will be happy to let you take something away if it means they don’t have to worry about it anymore. So, check out services like Freecycle, and start bidding on things.All you need is a car or van, and some basic renovating skills. Pick up what’s on offer, clean it up, and then sell it on for a profit. Now, you might have some reservations about the moral aspect of this. But, if it gets you the money you need, why shouldn’t you be entrepreneurial about it?

OK, so that’s all we have time for today. Let us know if you have any other tips, we’re always keen to hear from you!