Hate Your Job? 13 Examples Of How To Make A Good Living Working From Home

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The sad truth is that some of us hate our jobs! We dread waking up in the morning and beginning the depressing work ritual. And it’s something we must endure for around eight hours a day or more in some cases. As you can appreciate, going to work and doing a job you hate isn’t motivating. As a result, that means you will never feel compelled to give your best work.


Some people assume that they must do these jobs because they need the money. While it’s true that money is a requirement in today’s modern world, all is not lost. It is possible to make a living doing something else other than the job you hate. What’s more, you can often do so from the comfort of your own home!
Did you know that more people are quitting their jobs and becoming self-employed? There was once a time where working for someone else meant you had job security. But, today’s turbulent economy has meant that few jobs are secure. Of course, you shouldn’t let that fact put you off working for yourself.
It’s possible to do all kinds of home-based jobs that are virtually recession-proof. So, what type of work can you do to earn a living? Keep reading to find out more from these 13 tried and tested examples!


1. Mobile App Development


Do you have a love for computer programming? Your current day job might involve writing software for a company you hate. But, you could use your skills to make more money working for yourself! These days, there is a significant rise in smartphone and tablet use. There is also a high demand for talented app developers. Many firms hire freelancers to create apps for them.


2. Uber Driver

There’s no denying that Uber has transformed the private hire (i.e. taxi) industry. If you enjoy going out on the road and meeting new people, you should consider becoming an Uber driver. Uber is available in many areas today. Of course, living near a major city is a bonus! Plus, you can keep your servicing costs down by getting a car from places like the Pentagon-Group. Being an Uber taxi driver is cheaper and easier than you think!


3. Smartphone and Tablet Repair

Let’s face it. Smartphones and tablets aren’t always the cheapest of gadgets to buy. So imagine what it’s like when you accidentally drop one and damage it! You could offer a smartphone and tablet repair service. There are many ways to do it. For example, you could provide a mail order service. Or you could allow customers to drop off and collect their devices at your home. If you’re new to repairing such devices, websites like iFixit can help you.


4. Graphic Design

Are you a talented and creative person? If so, it’s likely you’ve done a lot of illustration and graphic design work in the past. You might even be doing that for your current employer. Graphic design is one of those industries where many people are self-employed.




The bonus of being a graphic designer is you can carry out your work anywhere. Even if you’re sitting on a train or in the middle of a park on a summer’s day!


5. Cake Making

Do you love making all kinds of weird and wonderful cakes? Do you have an eye for design? And can you decorate a cake with almost military precision? If so, you should consider becoming a cake maker! Birthdays and weddings are just some of many occasions where your services will come in handy! For health and safety reasons, you will need a dedicated catering kitchen in your home.


6. Mobile Car Valeting

Most people take their cars through automatic car washes. Others may wash their vehicles themselves. The problem with the former is that you could end up damaging your car. And the latter is too time-consuming.


You could make money by offering a mobile car valeting service in your area. All you need is a van and the right cleaning equipment.

7. Childminder

It’s an amazing experience to watch your children grow up. The problem is, many parents can’t always afford the luxury of staying at home with their young kids. As a result, they need someone to look after them while they’re at work. Sure, they can go to preschool or some other day activity. But, there will be times where they are at home. In those cases, you could offer childminding services.


8. Computer Refurbisher

Not everyone can afford the latest Apple Mac computers. As a result, people will often turn to the used computer market. There is a growing demand for “refurbished” systems. In a nutshell, they are almost like brand new ones. The only difference is, they are significantly cheaper than new models. If you choose the right niche market, you could make plenty of money from fixing systems. One example is, of course, the Apple Mac and MacBook market.




9. Translation

Are you fluent in languages other than English? If so, have you thought about offering a translation service? There are many ways that you could do so. For instance, you could offer business translation services. You might even work with web design agencies to create multilingual websites. The possibilities are almost limitless when it comes to offering translation services! One advantage of translation work is you can do it from anywhere you like. Perfect for those times where you wish to work from your garden on a sunny day!


10. Welding

Do you like making things? Are you an experienced welder? If the answer to both questions is yes, why not offer welding services? You might not think it, but there are many ways you can make money doing that. Often, people will have small or medium-sized items that need welding repairs. You might even get called upon to do welding on things like cars and boats!


11. Online Tutoring

Are you a teacher? If so, you might feel fed up of working for low wages and constantly having to do your work at home too. As you can imagine, it detracts from the positives of teaching.


If you wanted to work from home, why not offer online tutoring services? All you need is a computer, webcam and video chat software like Skype. You could set up a website and provide an online ordering facility for your students.


12. Day Trading

Those of you with excellent knowledge of the Forex market might wish to consider day trading. There are plenty of ways to trade, such as standard Forex or Binary Options trading. If you’re good at predicting the ways markets move, you could make a lot of money for little effort. All you need is a computer and Internet connection. Day trading isn’t for everyone, but it’s worth considering if you’re a Forex pro.


13. Virtual Assistant

In case you didn’t know, a VA performs many tasks of a traditional secretary. Examples include responding to letters and emails, answering calls and making bookings. Virtual assistants can often do that from a remote location.


Clients can have their mail and telephone number forwarded to the VA. It’s a brilliant way to make a living while avoiding typical office politics!
I hope you’ve found this article useful today. Thanks for checking it out!