Incredible Money Saving Advice For Students!

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Oh, how I miss the student life. Those three years in university go by quickly, but boy are they fun! The only thing that’s not fun is the fact that it costs a lot to be a student! When you don’t have much money, it can be hard to manage student life. Which is why saving is so important. Saving money here and there means you’ll be far more financially stable. Here’s some advice on how students can save money:

Student Deals/Discounts

If you want to save money, you’ve got to make use of all the student deals and discounts out there. So many shops will have student discounts, you just have to show them your student card. I know for a fact that cinemas do special prices for students, and other places have them too.

Also, you can get student discount cards that help save money. You just have to sign up and pay a fee, and you will get a nifty little discount card to use at so many places. This can get you better deals and more of a discount than a regular student card.

Share A House

You may think that leaving home means you finally get to live a life of luxury on your own. But, living alone as a student can be very costly. So, my advice would be to share a house with other students. If you have friends studying at the same university as you, then that’s great! Ask them if they want to live with you. If not, you can put up notices around campus saying you’re looking for roommates.

Living with others means that you’ll share the costs that come with a house. You’ll be splitting the rent between you, rather than you having to pay it all. Plus, living alone can get pretty boring. Living with other people is way more fun, it’s the proper student experience!

Compare Energy Prices

Being a student means your world is opened to new things that you’ve never had to worry about before. One of those things is paying for energy in your student house. You’ve never had to consider that when you were living at home. But, you’re a student now so I guess it’s time to act like an adult (cue the sad violin music).

Probably the best thing you should do is compare energy prices from numerous providers. With energy comparison, you can find the best deal for you. In fact, some providers will even have special deals for students. It’s important you do a bit of price comparison if you want to save money.

Consider Leaving Your Car At Home

When you’re a student, you may not need to use your car. Quite a lot of people leave their cars at home when they go to study somewhere else. You’ll be living close to your uni, so you might not need to have a car to get around. Plus, some universities offer free bus services on campus.

If you leave your car at home, you won’t have to pay for things like fuel or insurance. This can save you a huge amount of money. If it’s not necessary to bring it, then don’t!