Quick Guide To Increasing Your Home’s Value

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Whether you’re planning to sell in the near future or the far off future, it can’t hurt to start adding value to your property. When you do sell, you’ll want to make as large a profit as possible, so ensuring your home is in the best shape is vital. It doesn’t have to break the bank, though. Adding value to the home can, in reality, be a quick job, and not a massive extension or renovation. So, if you’re looking for some speedy improvements, take a look down this list and see what you think!

Clean your appliances

When a real estate valuer is determining the value of your home, they’ll take into account any appliances that are built-in. What does that mean? Well, it means if you have a fitted kitchen, then you aren’t taking it with you! So, make sure any fitted appliances are given a thorough cleaning before valuation. They’ll look more expensive that way.


Burglar, smoke, carbon monoxide alarms


Most houses have at least one smoke alarm, but consider adding a second as far away from the first as possible. If there is no carbon monoxide alarm present, buy one and fit it right away. They’re incredibly cheap, but don’t skimp on quality. It’s a life-saving measure after all. Next, a burglar alarm should be on your list. These are quick to install by any company, and won’t set you back much. It brings your home into the modern age and can add a lot of value and appeal.

Alter your garage


Most garages don’t even contain a car. As such, they’re utterly wasted. They usually get filled with junk, a dumping ground for all the stuff we don’t want lying around. All it takes is a lick of paint and a quick tidy, and you have another room in your house. This extra room can add value, and be used as a utility space, games room, gym, etc.

A quick exterior makeover


The first impression your house makes on buyers and valuers is important. The way it looks can increase its price, so take the time to spruce it up. For starters, unblock your gutters and get rid of any leaves. This is a quick thirty minute job on a weekend – just be careful with the ladder.

Secondly, consider painting the exterior of your house. If done by a professional, this can cost you hundreds, but can add thousands onto your properties price. It’s also a hassle-free improvement, too. Your family life won’t be disrupted and the interior of your home can go on as normal.

And finally, some quick jobs. Clean your windows and front door – and door windows. Clear your driveway, and pluck weeds from your garden. Looks are everything, so make it look good! Increasing the price of your home can make your financial situation a lot easier – when you sell, you’ll make money! It doesn’t have to take a huge renovation or extension. It just takes a number of smaller tweaks. Much like a jigsaw puzzle, if you look after all the pieces, the full picture will be spectacular.