Sell your old mobile for some extra cash

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Has the down economy got you in a rut? Are you struggling to make ends meet, or just desperate to earn more money? If you need a little extra cash, why not sell your old mobile phones? While you’re toying around with your new phone, the old ones are probably sitting around taking up space and collecting dust. With recycling services like Music Magpie, it’s incredibly easy to send in your unwanted electronics and receive cash. At no cost to you and virtually hassle-free, it seems like a no-brainer.

How It Works

First, go online and enter the make and model number of the phone you’re considering selling into the Valuation Engine. It will give you a rough estimate of how much you phone is worth. You can also use the webcam on your computer or the app that is available for the iPhone and Android to scan in information about the old phone.

As long as the phone is in descent condition and fully functioning you will receive a good price. You will have to choose between three criteria that describe the condition of your phone. These include good, poor and faulty. If it is in good condition, which means fully functioning, charges properly, has minimal wear and tear and comes with the charger, you will receive the best price.

For example, upon selecting the sell BlackBerry Curve 8520 tab and indicating that it’s in good condition, you will instantly receive a quote that says you could earn £30.07.

You can easily get rid of your black iPhone 3GS 32GB. Even if it’s in poor condition – functions and powers up, but may have some defects such as noticeable scratches and dents, faulty display, missing or damaged parts and no charger – you can use the £50.66 pounds that you sell it for towards purchasing the new iPhone 5.

Just follow the same process if you want to sell your old HTC Desire or any other phone. If it’s in faulty condition it is considered to have a damaged screen, damaged charge part, liquid damage or any cracks and smashes. It can be harder to sell items that are faulty, so make sure you check to see if the company is accepting them.

When it comes time to send your old phone, you don’t have to pay. What’s even better is that with the free courier service, your unwanted phone will be insured. You can take a look at the Personalised Packing Guide to see suggestions on how to safely package your phone.

The company also makes it easy to receive your payment through Bank transfers, cheques and e-vouchers. Or, if you’re feeling generous, you could always donate the money to charity.

There really couldn’t be an easier and faster way to make some extra cash. Who wouldn’t want to use the recycling program?