Why A Road Trip Is A Must Do

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Everyone needs to take a road trip, there’s nothing like loading up the car with your family or closest friends and hitting the road in search of something new. Unfortunately now that airfares are becoming increasingly more affordable, young Americans have gotten soft and value the destination more than the journey.

A road trip, especially during your teenage years is a priceless experience. It’s one of the first times you’ll hit the road without your parents or siblings and you’ll have the freedom to do and go wherever you want and stop wherever you want along the way.

I feel that people from the Midwest have a higher appreciation for road trips. Being stuck in the middle of the map with no oceans or mountains isn’t ideal but that urge to explore drives them to some pretty amazing places.

If you have a hybrid car with higher miles per gallon, then your trip is pretty inexpensive too. Split that between three friends and the possibilities are endless. That leaves a lot more money around for expenses too.

Hopefully you get your car checked out before this road trip. There is nothing worse than breaking down in the middle of an excellent adventure like this, so be smart. Pick up some of these Groupon coupons for and top off those fluids. Maybe grab some air fresheners as well. It could get smelly in that car!

If you do happen to be one of these Midwestern folks and want to head straight for the ocean, make sure you set aside enough days that will allow you to take the time to really enjoy that ride. Otherwise, all you are doing is just going on a long drive.

You will see some amazing things that you can’t see if you were to fly over them, landscapes and scenery especially. Although, flying over the Grand Canyon would be pretty cool too. Okay, so there are some awesome perks of flying but hopefully, you get where I was going with this. Ditch the airport for once and hit the road the old fashioned way.